From Berkshire to Gloucestershire to Lebanon in UGRL global challenge

This last week saw another monumental effort from the University of Gloucestershire Rugby League side in their challenge to travel the world ahead of next year’s Rugby League World Cup.

In the ‘UGRL Goes Global’ challenge, the Rugby League side are looking to cover the world (61,576 km) over the next 70 weeks and ‘visit’ all of the nations qualified for the RLWC 2021.

The challenge itself is in support of the Steve Prescott Foundation, named after the late full-back. And the Gloucestershire boys continue to exceed initial expectations!

After ending last week on 6,956.75km the side now find themselves on 7,863.30km and have now passed through Lebanon and are now making up the ground onto Papua New Guinea.

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By reaching Lebanon last week, the UGRL side have no reached 9 destinations already within the first six weeks of the challenge.

This week’s effort was partly down to the ’24 hour challenge’ set by Tommy Dyson last week – with the soon to be member of the Military Police looking to test his teammates.

One of the team in particular, James Taylor, rose to the challenge and cycled the near 151km distance from Bracknell to Gloucester, helping the squad to reach Lebanon within the first couple of days of the week.

We spoke to Taylor about the feat and he admitted that he faced adversity along the way, from the conditions, to bike problems and even down to wear and tear on his body!

“The challenge itself hasn’t been too bad, I had to dig the bike out of the back of the garage and started riding again, I used to cycle quite often so it came back to me fairly easily.

The decision to do the cycle was made around two weeks ago and route changed over the days to make sure it could be completed as efficiently as possible.

Honestly, the ride was ok until about 60km in, when the heavens open and to make it worse I got a flat tyre so had to pump it up in the pouring rain!

However at about the 100km mark the chafing got really bad due to how wet my clothes were, along with how windy it became.” Taylor added.

After the crazy week, Taylor has called on the squad to continue their hard work going into the coming weeks, particularly with their next destination quite a distance away!

“I’ve been very impressed [by the squad’s efforts] and what is important now I think, is that we need to keep the miles ticking over and keep it moving forward as a team, which is what the club is all about!”

If you wish to show your support for the team and the incredible Steve Prescott Foundation please donate on their JustGiving page here – or by going to

You can also keep up to date with the UGRL side’s progress on their new social media accounts designated to the challenge, just search UGRLGoesGlobal on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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