Bishops Cleeve vs Slimbridge – 3 Key Battles

Today is already game four of a very busy November for us here at Severn Sport and to cap off our 4 in 4 this week we will be at Kayte Lane for Bishops Cleeve vs Slimbridge.  Ahead of the match we can see that we haven’t seen Bishops Cleeve lose this season and haven’t seen Slimbridge win, meaning anything can happen. Cleeve have only won in the league once this season and find themselves at the bottom of the table. Slimbridge have been in the top 10 for the majority of the season but they tend to play better against the better teams.

So with that being said we thought we would have a look at where the game will be won and lost by looking at the three key battles.  **A quick note, this was written before any team news was released**

Olly Butler (Bishops Cleeve) vs Marley Thomas (Slimbridge)

Olly Butler vs Marley Thomas

This is the first battle that jumped out at me. Birthday boy Marley Thomas has been in impeccable form for the Swans and the last time we saw him he scored one of the most impressive braces I have ever seen. His stock is rising game by game is becoming renowned around the county as a superstar in the making….he also was the October Team of the Month left winger.
Thomas will face stiff opposition today in Olly Butler. A man who has an wonderful surname….he also marshals the touchline incredibly well. He isn’t afraid to get stuck in and loves to get forward with the ball at his feet. Butler will cause Thomas to do a bit of defending today that is for sure!

Jack Watts (Bishops Cleeve) vs Sam Turl (Slimbridge)

Jack Watts vs Sam Turl

This battle is a similar battle to Butler vs Thomas just at the other end of the pitch. Severn Sport Team of The Month member Jack Watts played left wing against Shortwood and was in imperious form. He was absolutely sensational and found himself in space constantly just by staying wide. He wasn’t scared to cross the half way line and do his defensive duties. That means that Sam Turl is in for a hard fought game today.
Turl and Watts will keep each other honest throughout the game and will ensure that the other has to leave it all on the pitch. They will have to shadow each other in both the Cleeve and Slimbridge thirds and will not get a minutes rest. It is hotly anticipated because they are so evenly matched, probably the most even match up on the field today.

Will Tunnicliff (Bishops Cleeve) vs Max Harper-Emerson (Slimbridge)

Will Tunnicliff vs Max Harper-Emerson

This battle is more of a battle of the youngsters who continue to shine whenever I see them. With Harper-Emerson he can play so many roles I can’t even guarantee he will be anywhere near Tunnicliff on the pitch but if he plays on the opposite flank to Marley Thomas it will see them one on one. That alone is something I am so excited about.
I have made no attempt to hide how much I like Max Harper-Emerson as a player. Some young players want to play their position and they hate having to play out of position, but not this guy. He will play anywhere on the pitch for you and not just that he will give you everything in the position. He just has a desire to play and he is frighteningly quick! What a talent!
His opponent in the battle, Will Tunnicliff is one of the hottest prospects in Gloucestershire. Simple as that. He is quick, he is agile, he reads the game superbly and loves defending. I know that Tim Harris at Gloucester City (Tunnicliff’s parent club) rates him highly and just by watching him you will see why. It won’t be too long before he is a regular in the Gloucester City starting XI the way he is going, but for now Kayte Lane is home and he is settling in so well.

There we go. The three key battles going into Bishops Cleeve vs Slimbridge, a game featured on Severn Sport. Follow our live updates throughout the 90 minutes on our Facebook & Twitter.

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