WATCH: #ButlersDayOut – Lydney Town vs Reading City FC

Last weekend Ryan Butler took a step into the unknown as, for the first time, he went to watch Lydney Town as they took on Reading City FC.

It was the first time that Ryan had been to both Lydney Town and Lydney, the place. So to mark this momentous occasion, Kelsey De Maria took up cameraman duties for the day in order to document ‘Butler’s Day Out’ in Lydney.

Watch the first episode of a new series that follows the boys on their away day travels. To kick-off the series, Ryan and Kelsey take a look around Lydney Harbour, discuss their favourite biscuits and hit a snag that means they can’t go where they wanted to.

All that and of course, somewhere along the line, a game of football broke out. See the episode below.