This week saw the reelection of Sepp Blatter as FIFA President. In a move that only served to reinforce the perception of cronyism and corruption.

Fifa had an opportunity to turn it’s back on the past and vote for reform. Now let’s get some perspective, A Jordanian prince probably isn’t going to connect the public with the game over night. This wouldn’t have been an ‘Obama’ moment for world football but the symbolism would have been palpable and left a sweeter taste on the pallet of world football.


World footballs governing body is becoming increasingly detached from the football fan: Cocooned in a bubble of decadence, high finance and corporate lavishness. Sepp Blatter the Mary Antoinette of football declares “let them eat cake!”

In his candidates speech at FIFA Congress Blatter with all the arrogance of a deluded dictator declared “we need evolution not revolution.” like many an embattled leader, Blatter fails to see what’s in front of his nose.

The game is now isolated from the average fan and eventually fans will revolt, fans will begin to stand up for the beautiful game.

Maybe Just A Little Corruption
Maybe Just A Little Corruption

What shape would\should FIFA take after the revolution?

In order to reconnect with the fans the game must involve fans at every level of its democracy.

I have a rather radical (if entirely forlorn) idea to give the game back to the people.

And let me be totally transparent here, this is complete blue sky thinking and not for a second do I think this bloggers vision for the future of football become reality!

Make FIFA a worldwide membership organisation. Charge an affordable annual\monthly membership fee dependant on socio-economic circumstances of each nation. Those who join become members as part of this membership an individual gets voting rights in presidential and executive committee elections.

Members also get to draft have a say on a newly written constitution of FIFA that can put checks and balances into the executive processes of the organisation. Thr constitution would have to be approved by two thirds of the entire membership as would constitutional ammendments.

This would give football fans a true voice, engage fans with the game again and above all  the ability hold those in executive power to be held to account by those who love the game the most, the fans.


*Since this blog was written Sepp Blatter has resigned*


Matt Bowman (Penno)

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