Ultimate Impact 14 – Laura Handy Interview

Hi Laura thanks for taking the time to talk to us ahead of your fight at Ultimate Impact 14 on the 21st Feb in Gloucester. For those that do not know you are our current K1 champion and at this next event you’re making your mixed martial arts debut. What prompted the move from K1 to MMA?
It’s always been the aim to compete in MMA but I wanted to gain some experience in the cage, striking has always been my strongest point so used K1 to gain that experience. Obviously it went better than I could have ever expected and I think now is the time to get stuck in and try competing in MMA

What is it about mixed martial arts that made you want to have a go and actually compete in the cage?
With all martial arts especially MMA there is always room for growth, learning and improvements. Mistakes are made but they can be learned from. I find that competing is a way to prove what you can do as a fighter and once you have been in the cage it’s an addictive feeling. All the hard work and training comes down to those few minuets and it’s a real buzz!

Even whilst completing it K1 have you always trained in all aspects of MMA?
Yeah I have been working on my ground game during the time I have been competing in K1 although it’s not been a focus just something I have enjoyed learning.

You are one of many female fighters who will be competing on ultimate impact 14 what are your thoughts on the growth of female MMA?
It’s awesome to see so many girls on the next show and I believe the girls can put on a good show as they have done with the k1 fights on the past UIC shows!

You have fought on Ultimate Impact many times and always bring a big crowd with you… what does it mean to you that so many come and support you?
It means a lot that I have a big crowd of supporters, my friends all support what I do and know how hard I train so it’s nice that they want to come and see the hard work in action!

I know that you have a little girl called Ayva and I’ve seen pictures of her with your trophies and your K-1 championship belt… Does she enjoy what you do, has she ever watched any of your fights?
Yeah Ayva loves watching my fights back and got very excited when I brought the belt home! She often likes to tell people that “mommy fights”! 
It can be hard to juggle working full time, training and being mom so it’s good to know that she likes and supports what I do!

What message do you have for your opponent and what can we expect from you ultimate impact on 21 February?
All I’ll say to that is I am putting in the work and training hard as always! My striking is obviously my strong point and I know Ffion is going to be awesome on the ground so hopefully we will put on a good show!

Laura thanks very much for your time if there is anybody that you wish to thank all give a shout out to please feel free to do so…
Just to thank everyone at Fury for pushing me, thank you to everyone that comes to support myself and the other fighters and to thanks to Luke for supporting me and understanding how hard fight camps can be!