UGRL smash first week of global challenge for Steve Prescott Foundation

Last week we told you about the latest sporting challenge to sweep across local sport and we are delighted to confirm that the University of Gloucestershire Rugby League are absolutely smashing it!

In the ‘UGRL Goes Global’ challenge, the Rugby League side are looking to cover the world (61,576 km) over the next 70 weeks and ‘visit’ all of the nations qualified for the RLWC 2021.

The challenge itself is in support of the Steve Prescott Foundation, named after the late full-back. And the Gloucestershire boys have really hit the ground running!

The club confirmed on their social media that after collating all of the information from the members of the squad and alumni, they had already covered 1,340.12km – meaning they covered 500km over their initial one week target.

To put the distance into perspective, the UGRL side have travelled from the Oxstalls Campus in Gloucester, to Cheltenham, up to Huddersfield and onto Edinburgh and will now be on their way to Oslo in Norway.

Having access to the planned destinations and targets of the UGRL side, they are nearly a whole week ahead of schedule as they race towards the Norwegian capital.

By the end of this week, the side have aimed to be about halfway from Oslo towards the French town of Perpignan, home of the Catalan Dragons and based on their initial pace, will be hurtling towards Spain and Madrid by the start of next week!

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This week we spoke to Paul Bolger, one of the men behind the challenge preparation about how he has fared during his first week of the challenge and how important it has been to support each other as a team.

“Honestly if you said to me a week ago that we’d be 500km above our target after a week, I would have laughed at you!

The uptake and energy shown from the boys has been unbelievable. It’s been great to have such a high level of involvement from current players to staff to old boys. Everyone is pulling their weight and it’s awesome to see.

The only way this challenge is going to work is by supporting each other and since I’ve been at Uni the support network has been second to none. All of the boys have been motivating and pushing each other and taking pride in covering huge distances, so it’s been amazing so far.

It also helps when you have the likes of our crazy fit wingers who get carried away and casually run a marathon!

Personally I’ve set a goal of at least 50km a week covered by running or walking and I managed to cover 60 in the end…and it was actually pretty easy!

So my aim is to try and cover a further distance every week, or go the same distance but faster.

Myself and my housemate will have also set up a challenge between us to see who can cover more distance over the next month just to help feed our competitive side. Loser buys dinner!

This weeks exercise is all walking and running. I’ve found some really nice routes around the area with some nice hills and great views and with the great weather we have at the moment it would be a shame to let it go to waste. I just hope I can afford a bike soon so I can really get cracking on some serious miles!”

A massive well done to everyone involved with UGRL for a wonderful start and everyone here at Severn Sport can’t wait to see the results of next week’s distances, because as we all know it is about consistency and maintaining high performance levels!

If you wish to show your support for the team and the incredible Steve Prescott Foundation please donate on their JustGiving page here – or by going to

You can also keep up to date with the UGRL side’s progress on their new social media accounts designated to the challenge, just search UGRLGoesGlobal on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram