UGRL reach Greece ahead of Military man’s 24 hour challenge

Another week and another milestone for the University of Gloucestershire Rugby League squad in their global challenge as they smash through Greece and make their way to Lebanon. 

In the ‘UGRL Goes Global’ challenge, the Rugby League side are looking to cover the world (61,576 km) over the next 70 weeks and ‘visit’ all of the nations qualified for the RLWC 2021.

The challenge itself is in support of the Steve Prescott Foundation, named after the late full-back. And the Gloucestershire boys continue to exceed initial expectations!

After ending last week on 5,634.43km the side now find themselves on 6,956.75km and are just 800km off Lebanon on their map, which again sees them weeks ahead of their predicted distance reached. 

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Tommy Dyson in action for the UGRL (Copyright Jade Parkinson)

This week has seen a special sub-challenge set by Tommy Dyson, a club graduate who is on his way to joining the Armed Forces when the lockdown allows him to join the Military Police. Dyson has issued the challenge to his teammates to mass as many kilometres as possible within a 24-hour period. So every member of the team is picking a day this week and will be trying to clock up as much as they can for the cause!

We spoke to Dyson about the challenge and his future in the Armed Forces.

“I am incredibly proud of the team,” said Dyson. “We knew how big of a challenge this was going to be when it was first set, so to see everyone buy into it in the way they have has been fantastic and they have set the tone incredibly well!”

“Personally I have enjoyed the challenge a lot. I have been stuck in the house a lot and this has been a great escape for me to go out and clock up some distance for the team. 

In terms of the 24 hour challenge I wanted to set a longevity challenge to really test the lads. They are all pushing up their personal fitness ahead of the new season so they have been constantly active. So I saw it as a chance to give them a challenge to track everything and see how active they can be in a day,” Dyson added.

As mentioned Dyson is about to join the military and he has admitted he will be looking to still contribute to the challenge whilst on basic training, whenever that may be!

“Now I am all finished with university I have been waiting to start by basic training, before going into the Military Police, so I’ve been trying to get in the best shape possible before joining up. I will be hiding my Fitbit whilst I am in training though to keep putting some kms on the board for the challenge,” said Dyson.


If you wish to show your support for the team and the incredible Steve Prescott Foundation please donate on their JustGiving page here – or by going to

You can also keep up to date with the UGRL side’s progress on their new social media accounts designated to the challenge, just search UGRLGoesGlobal on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


*Photo of Dyson provided by UGRL and was taken by and copyright with Jade Parkinson*