The Severn Sport Podcast – Episode 1

Hello and welcome to the first ever Severn Sport Podcast!

Every fortnight… Ish we will bring you our views on the world of sport!

From football to athletics, boxing to nfl, to even darts! We discus it all with our unique Severn sport viewpoint.
We are basically a bunch of idiots from the west county talking about sport, with the exception of Butler who is a typical Man United fan… Yes he hates Liverpool and lives in Berkshire.

We also have features, funny stories and random off topic conversations usually started off by our views on Stan Collymore or Ian Wright.

Still reading? Well you’ve come this far why not just click the link below and listen to the first ever edition of the Severn Sport Podcast! Warning! It does contain some choice language which may not want to be heard by anyone under the age of Raheem Sterling.

Episode 1
We attempt to name the show, introduce the team, talk about the lovely place that is Reading, oh and sport! We chat the premier league which kicks off again this weekend, Tony Pullis leaving, The Suarez ban, athletics, commonwealth games, cricket, boxing, formula 1 and more!
Give it a listen, it’s 52 minutes of loveliness to treat your ears.




Enjoy the show, subscribe and listen again….

All the best,
The Severn Sport Team