“The best thing to happen to Tuffley Rovers was Rich Cox” – ex-Tuffley right back Sam Hill

Former Tuffley Rovers right back Sam Hill says that Rich Cox is the clear choice to be named as the first team manager of the club.

Cox was named as interim first team manager after Mark Pritchett left the club to join Bishop’s Cleeve as a player.

Tuffley have recently advertised that they are accepting applications for the position, with current players (including Warren Mann & Joe Shutt) coming out to show their support for Cox to be given the role on a full time basis.

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“[It should be] Rich Cox. I don’t even have to think about it” Hill told us. “My Tuffley journey lasted five years, in those five years the best thing to happen to Tuffley was Mark Pritchett, and after he had done all he could the best thing to happen to Tuffley was Rich Cox and I stand by that.

“It’s not any sort of personal agenda, I’ll justify it by saying: what we needed [when Pritchett left] was high level coaching and knowledge of the game and that’s what Coxy brought. He’s a shoo-in for it.”

Hill also spoke to us about the curtailing of the season from Steps 3-6, as well as his new life teaching in Dubai. Listen to the full interview below.

Sam Hill on Buttee’s for Breakfast – 27/02/2021

Anyone interested in applying for the role should submit their CV to ExecutiveCommittee@tuffleyroversfc.co.uk no later than 17:00 on Saturday 6 March 2021, together with a covering note offering a self-assessment on their suitability for the role.

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