“The bad days will help me appreciate the good days” – #GetButlerActive Update

Last week saw the first update in Ryan’s quest to get more active and to become fitter and he is back with another update on the last 7 days.

I want to start this week with a high and a low (a theme that will become consistent throughout the post.

Firstly I would like to thank the continuous support and messages I have received asking about how I getting on and wishing me luck on a personal journey.

But I also want to start by saying my love and wishes are with the people of my home town, Reading, after a heartbreaking incident over the weekend. It was shocking to see the images and videos of Forbury Gardens on Saturday night, it is a place that is known for it’s tranquility and provides a place for local people to be united and it is a shame that this, of all places, is now going to be remembered as the scene of such devastation.

We are all reminded at this time to cherish the ones you love as you aren’t guaranteed a tomorrow.

Now, from a personal perspective this week has been a challenging week for me physically.

We left it last week with me covering 7.59km up at Saw Mills on Saturday and I set myself a target of getting as close to the 10km/12200 steps I had outlined as a big and major milestone.

What happened was that I decided to build up throughout the week and start getting used to covering a reasonable distance daily, therefore making it easier to incorporate that into my routine once I am back at work (which I am today).

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Monday saw me cover 3km, which I was delighted with. It saw me walk into town and around Iceland to get the necessary shopping for a week of walking and watching Royal Ascot on ITV…and it allowed me a chance to be stunned by how many people were queuing outside Primark!

Tuesday saw me extend even further. I was invited to Meadow Park, the home of Gloucester City, to speak to Co-Chairman Alex Petheram and to see the wonders of the rebuilding of the stadium for myself.

Whilst I was there I unfortunately suffered a fall where I stumbled and lost my footing whilst walking up the slope onto the pitch. It got worse when I was unable to lift up from my right leg and had to be assisted to my feet.

In what felt like an absolute soul destroying moment my confidence was rocked completely and being honest, I became a bit emotional once I had got home.

But that is part of this process. Over time and the more I can build up the strength in my right hip and leg, the less these sort of moments will not only happen but impact me. It is the days that will help me appreciate the good days for sure!

I’d like to thank Alex and his staff for helping me on Tuesday and for the reassurance they gave me following the fall. And also to those who are close to me for being there for me at a low point during the week.

Wednesday was a rest day for me and allowed me to reflect on what had happened the day before. I sat there and checked my app to see how the day went, how many steps and distance etc and I was delighted to see that whilst I had this incident, I covered over 5km – which was something I hadn’t even thought of before, during or after.

On the plus side I felt great, no real aching and I could have done another 5km! Which shows the improvement already.

Thursday saw me head out in the pouring rain and I just wasn’t feeling it at all. I still chalked up 3km when going to the shop by walking a couple of laps of the block but in reality I wasn’t enjoying myself at all.

So this saw me come up with a new plan for Friday morning as I knew it was due to rain again. I drew inspiration from Brimscombe & Thrupp striker James Campbell and Gloucester City fan Mark East in scoping out my living room to use for my walk.

In the end I worked out that my living room had a circumference of 35-40 steps so on Friday morning I put Toy Story on via Disney+ and just began walking.

It is incredible to look at the above image. Not only did I cover 10km but I also completed the full initial milestone of 12200 steps, which I am over the moon with!

Suddenly I now know that I have an alternative for when the weather isn’t great to be able to complete a longer walk and continue to be more active, which is great!

This helped me with my confidence and self belief a lot. After the shock to the system of the fall on Tuesday I felt great for bouncing back on the Friday and doing what I did.

The hard part will be how I can progress this over the next 7 days now that I am back at work at the time of writing. My mindset for the week is today (Monday) to just have a typical day, where I walk as naturally as I can and just go about my business, see how many steps I cover on a typical day at work and go from there, adding as much as I can, before a trip back to Saw Mills on Saturday to see the boys training and meet up with a few friendly faces along the way.

See how I get on next week and once again, thanks to everyone for their support!

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