Swans to play at “Thornhill Park” from next season

Slimbridge AFC are pleased and very proud to announce that, from the 2016-17 Season, our ground at Wisloe Road will be rechristened to Thornhill Park.

The name comes from former Slimbridge President Evi Thornhill, who bequeathed the club the ground that the Swans currently call home, then known as The Playing Field at The Cross Road, in his will when he died in February 1960. The deeds to the land were handed over at what was, at that time, the club’s headquarters, The White Lion Inn in Cambridge shortly after Mr Thornhill’s death.

Club Spokesman Tim Blake said ‘With our club operating at the highest level it ever has, coinciding with the 55th anniversary of Evi Thornhill literally giving us the foundations of what is now the modern day club, we felt it was entirely appropriate – There was overwhelming support for the proposal to acknowledge Mr Thornhill’s enduring legacy, and honour the man whose donation in 1960 gave the club an asset that we could build on over the ensuing years.’

‘The new name will give the club a direct connection back to one of our major benefactors. We will start work on planning a naming ceremony in due course, and hope to be able to invite members of the Thornhill family along to help us celebrate. More details will be announced nearer the time.’