Severn Sport teaming up with local sportswear manufacturer Zapkam

This week has been a busy one for us so far with announcing our partners for 2020/21 and we’re delighted to confirm another: Zapkam.

Based in Hardwicke, Zapkam are a custom sportswear manufacturer with products for all sports including football, rugby, bowls, martial arts, tennis; and that’s just for starters! For more info on their full range, click here.

Zapkam was originally founded by William Pedrick with the aim to provide high quality sports wear at a fair price.

William founded the company as a result of buying a pair of goalkeeper gloves for over £50.00, which used up all of his birthday money at nine years old.

The gloves fell apart after the first use but both the brand and the retailer, from which he had purchased them, refused to replace the gloves.

Following the announcement, Head of Online, Kelsey De Maria, had this to say:

“To be partnering with a local company that is so connected to what we promote is a great opportunity for us to showcase Zapkam’s service.

“I’ve spent a number of hours on their amazing 3D kit designer over the past few days and I’m not just saying this, but it is a really incredible tool! I’ve even had a go at designing the kit I’d like a ‘Severn Sport XI’ to wear if there ever was one, which you can see below!

“Ryan and I are really looking forward to heading down to the Zapkam office when lockdown is over to witness what they do first hand.”

Founder and Managing Director of Zapkam, William Pedrick added:

“The team here are big fans of the work that Severn Sport put in to promoting local sport and we look forward to working alongside them in the forthcoming years.”

If you are interested in supporting Severn Sport you can find more details here.