Severn Sport Tipster League – Day 4 Results

I sit here after watching one of the most exciting days of horse racing I have ever seen…and I’m thinking about how I can summarise it before diving into the Tipster League and the final table, but I can’t decide where to begin. The emotion of horse racing came to the fore today and in fact throughout the week I learned so much about horse racing. Prior to working in a betting shop I had no real wants or desires to even contemplate horse racing as anything other than “an old man’s sport” and I would have a bet year on the Grand National. I sit here now a 25 year old man and you know what, horse racing is unbelievable! The emotion and desire and passion that it brings out of everybody is up there with the likes of rugby and football, it is magical! Anyway we have a bloody league to discuss!!

Here are the results of today’s three races and then more importantly the result of the Gold Cup race itself, also we will find out who will be crowned Severn Sport’s new resident tipster. To remind you all, going into today Sweet Prince and On The Outside lead the way by about 8 points but with the announcement that the tipster who selects the winner of the Gold Cup will receive 6 point it meant that the league was up for grabs.

1.30pm – JCB Triumph Hurdle

1) Defi du Seuil (5/2 F)
2) Mega Fortune (7/1)
3) Bapaume (10/1)

The day got underway in the same fashion as yesterday, with a favourite romping home. Defi du Seuil winning gave Bacon, The Bear, Lady Gillian, On The Outside and The Bearded Beauties the win and more importantly 3 points each. There was the 1 point for the place scored for The Gee Gee Girls but the big winner was Sweet Prince who tipped Mega Fortune to win and Defi du Seuil to place, meaning he had the reversed forecast and more important took home 4 points. The two leaders getting off to a great start!

2.10pm – Randox Health County Handicap Hurdle

1) Arctic Fire (20/1)
2) L’ami Serge (33/1)
3) Ozzie The Oscar (50/1)
4) Air Horse One (10/1)

This race is where the Tipster League got really interesting. Firstly, there were place points for Air Horse One nabbing 4th place for Bacon, The Gee Gee Girls, The Fox, On The Outside and The Bearded Beauties but the big story would be that we suddenly had a new contender for the crown as after Mick Jazz was declared a non-runner, the reserves came into play (On The Outside and The Bearded Beauties saw Air Horse One come into their tips). This meant that for The Bear L’ami Serge slotted into his winner spot meaning he scored 4 points for the reversed forecast but due to the price and the rules which stated that for a 20/1+ winner there would be an additional 5 points scored, meaning for the one race The Bear scored a whopping 9 points.

Going into the last full race and Gold Cup winner Sweet Prince lead with 17 points, The Bear had moved into 2nd place with 16 points but On The Outside were still clinging on with 15 points. It was all to play for!

2.50pm – Albert Bartlett Novices’ Hurdle

1) Penhill (16/1)
2) Monalee (8/1)
3) Wholestone (13/2)

This race didn’t affect the league as much by the winners and places but more on the fact that there was two big fallers, fallers who were popular with our tipsters. Both the favourite Death Duty and popular tip The Worlds End fell towards the end of the race meaning there were deductions to be had. Bacon, Sweet Prince, The Press Officer, The Bearded Beauties and The Fox all scored -2 points, whereas Mr & Mrs Severn Sport and On The Outside scored -1 points as they tipped Wholestone to place. The Bear scored 1 point and avoided a points deduction as did The Gee Gee Girls. Unfortunately for Lady Gillian she had both The Worlds End and Death Duty she scored -4 points.

Going into the Gold Cup race we were down to only two contenders, The Bear and Sweet Prince. The Bear had a two point lead (17 to 15) over the former leader and had seen off the attention of On The Outside on the grounds that they both had backed Native River to win the Gold Cup. It was advantage Bear going into what was an incredible Gold Cup race.

3.30pm – Gold Cup

1) Sizing John (7/1)
2) Minella Rocco 18/1
3) Native River 7/2

There was drama when Cue Card fell two fences from home, causing a -2 points deduction to be cast onto The Gee Gee Girls, Lady Gillian and The Fox. Native River and Djakadam were involved all the way to the end but ultimately it was Sizing John who romped home to a majestic win. Sizing John not only won them money but it also scored 6 points for Bacon and The Press Officer.

And here we are, calmer than after the Gold Cup race. Not only did two of our Tipsters back the winner but we also saw The Bear crowned the new Severn Sport King Tipster. LET THE REIGN OF THE BEAR BEGIN!!

Due to Kelsey De Maria being at the races today we are without a graphic but here is the all important final table in the inaugural Severn Sport Tipster League.

1) The Bear (17 points)
2) Sweet Prince (15 points)
3) On The Outside (14 points)
4) Bacon (11 points)
5) The Bearded Beauties (7 points)
6) The Press Officer (7 points)
7) The Gee Gee Girls (5 points)
8) The Fox (-2 points)
9) Mr & Mrs Severn Sport (-2 points)
10) Lady Gillian (-6 points)

Tomorrow we will look back at the Severn Sport Tipster League as it happens and hear from our tipsters on how they think they performed as well as the Severn Sport Tipster League – In Numbers.