Severn Sport teaming up with cyber security experts Wembley Partners

Wembley Partners have agreed to sponsor Severn Sport for the 2020/21 season and will be supporting us through other commercial avenues throughout the season and beyond.

Wembley Partners are an exciting, innovative and fast growing intelligence-led cyber security firm based here in Gloucestershire but also with a footprint in Ontario, Canada and Delaware, USA. Set up by Martyn Gill in December 2019 with the aim of making cyber security available for all businesses, no matter how big or small, recognising that cyber threats have increased but still professional services and advice can be deemed a luxury for some businesses due to cost.

As part of the partnership, Wembley Partners UK will be helping us with our own cyber security as well as providing some welcomed merchandise through their partnership with Raging Bull clothing company.

To view the services that Wembley Partners offer, visit their website here.

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Following the agreement, Martyn spoke to us about the partnership.

“I recently coached at Gloucester City LFC and have always been an avid football fan, especially of the lower leagues, having played non-league in my youth and love what Severn Sport are doing across a range of sports in the county. From a business aspect, as a start up, I was drawn to the similarity in background story between Severn Sport and Wembley Partners; a group of friends with a similar vision in a profession that they love and working hard to make it happen.

“As a firm we have set out to support all Gloucestershire based SMB/SMEs in strengthening their cyber security defensive posture, their understanding of the threats they face along with the vulnerabilities they have and how to mitigate that risk, whilst educating their employees and demystifying the fear around cyber threats.

“Though different business sectors, we share similar drive and ambitions whilst loving sport and the seeing success within the County. I am genuinely looking forward to working with and supporting Severn Sport throughout this season and for the foreseeable future.”

Head of Online Kelsey De Maria also added his thoughts.

Having spoken to Martyn over the last few weeks about teaming up with Wembley Partners, there is no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a very beneficial partnership for us both. When local businesses start to recognise us for what we are trying to achieve and lend us their support, it is very humbling in a way that is difficult to describe. Both Ryan and I are very grateful for this partnership and to every other company that is supporting us for this season.