Severn Sevens – Butler vs Hughes

With the 2021/22 season still in it’s early stages we have decided to bring back our ‘Severn Sevens’ game but with a twist.

For those who have listened to Severn Sport for years you would have heard us run our Severn Sevens competition between Ryan, Kelsey and Matt and this later saw a variation in Kelsey vs Matt during our show on Dean Radio.

Well now we are bringing it back and this time our man Ryan Butler is challenging a member of the Gloucestershire footballing community each week in a new variant of the competition.

So how it will work is Butler and the guest each week will pick the scoreline for seven chosen matches involving Gloucestershire sides, with 20 points awarded for a correct result and 50 points for the correct score. If a game is postponed or abandoned then both Butler and the guest will receive 10 points each.

The guests and Butler on a weekly average will be ranked in a leaderboard, with the winner at the end of the season receiving a prize, TBC.

This weekend’s challenger is friend of Severn Sport and Gloucester City fan and volunteer, Charlie Hughes, to celebrate his graduation from university this week.

Here is the current Severn Sevens Leaderboard:

Sam Prior – 140 points

Macaulay Herbert – 100 points

Butler (average) – 85 points

Josh Loveridge – 70 points

Mark Cornell – 60 points

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So both Butler and Hughes are set so let’s check out the games.

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Gloucester City vs Curzon Ashton (National League North)

City will be licking the wounds from the 9-0 demolition courtesy of Chorley last week and face a Curzon Ashton side who have won three of their first five games, including the last two.

As pressure builds around Gloucester City and manager Paul Groves, they could do with a timely result here.

Charlie Hughes’ Score Prediction: Gloucester City 2-1 Curzon Ashton

Butler’s Score Prediction: Gloucester City 1-2 Curzon Ashton

Full time score: Gloucester City 1-2 Curzon Ashton (Butler 50pts; Hughes 0pts)

Cinderford Town vs AFC Totton (Southern League Division One South)

Cinderford have struggled for consistency in the early stages of this season and once again let a lead slip at Slimbridge on the Bank Holiday Monday and top of the table Totton will be looking to continue their strong start to the season.

Charlie Hughes’ Score Prediction: Cinderford Town 2-0 Totton

Butler’s Score Prediction: Cinderford Town 1-3 Totton

Full time score: Cinderford Town 1-8 Totton (Butler 20pts; Hughes 0pts)

Almondsbury vs Cheltenham Saracens (FA Vase First Qualifying Round)

Cheltenham Saracens will be heading to Almondsbury full of spirit and will be looking to come away with a big win and will be looking to advance past their first game of the Vase for the first time since the 2012/13 season – where they made it all the way into the 1st Round.

Charlie Hughes’ Score Prediction: Almondsbury 0-0 Cheltenham Saracens

Butler’s Score Prediction: Almondsbury 1-2 Cheltenham Saracens

Full time score: Almondsbury 1-2 Cheltenham Saracens (Butler 50pts; Hughes 0pts)

Lydney Town vs Hallen (FA Vase First Qualifying Round)

On paper Lydney should win this based on the start both sides have made to their league campaigns. Hallen have lost their first six but under new management will be looking to kick start their season with a big away win in the Vase.

Charlie Hughes’ Score Prediction: Lydney Town 1-1 Hallen

Butler’s Score Prediction: Lydney Town 2-0 Hallen

Full time score: Lydney Town 3-3 Hallen (Butler 0pts; Hughes 20pts)

Shortwood United vs Cove (FA Vase First Qualifying Round)

A mixed start for a young Shortwood side has turned up some bad results, yet the performances have been there in most of the games so far. The Wood were beaten in the First Qualifying Round on penalties last season so will be looking to make amends.

Charlie Hughes’ Score Prediction: Shortwood United 3-0 Cove

Butler’s Score Prediction: Shortwood United 2-2 Cove

Full time score: Shortwood United 4-2 Cove (Butler 0pts; Hughes 20pts)

Broadwell Amateurs vs Quedgeley Wanderers (Gloucestershire County League Les James Cup)

Quedgeley Wanderers head to an in-form Broadwell side in the County League Cup in one of the stand out fixtures of the round.

Charlie Hughes’ Score Prediction: Broadwell Amateurs 0-3 Quedgeley Wanderers

Butler’s Score Prediction: Broadwell Amateurs 3-2 Quedgeley Wanderers

Full time score: Broadwell Amateurs 3-1 Quedgeley Wanderers (Butler 20pts; Hughes 0pts)

Harrow Hill vs Upton St Leonards (Gloucestershire Northern Senior League Division One)

Harrow Hill go in search of their first league win of the season against an Upton side who won 7-1 against Whitecroft last week to earn their first win of the season. Both sides will be desperate to get a positive result here.

Charlie Hughes’ Score Prediction: Harrow Hill 1-2 Upton St Leonards

Butler’s Score Prediction: Harrow Hill 1-2 Upton St Leonards

*Game abandoned* (Butler 10pts; Hughes 10pts)

What a win for Butler with an outstanding performance by following up last week’s 130 points with 150 points! Let’s take a look at how the leaderboard looks now:

Sam Prior – 140 points

Macaulay Herbert – 100 points

Butler (average) – 98 points

Josh Loveridge – 70 points

Mark Cornell – 60 points

Charlie Hughes – 50 points

Butler’s Highest Weekly Score: 150 points (11th September)

If you wish to take on Butler in Severn Sevens let us know via social media. Check back next week to see who takes Butler on!

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