LISTEN LIVE – The Severn Sport Night In – Friday 3 August

Tomorrow marks the return of the football season in Gloucestershire, so tonight marks the return of The Severn Sport Night In as the boys run through what they expect will happen over the course of the 2018/19 campaign for our teams.

Ryan Butler and Kelsey De Maria have a lot to get through from 20:00 on, join them as they look back on the Severn Sport Shield and the 14 games they saw in total during pre-season.

There’s also chat about the Severn Sport Gloucestershire Football Preview 2018/19, as well as, of course, all the games kick-starting the season for our teams this weekend (you can view the full list here).

It’s a guest-packed show, too, with appearances from Fairford Town manager Jody Bevan and an exclusive chat with Shayne Bradley ahead of the former Tuffley Rovers striker embarking on his first non-playing season in two decades.

In addition to ALL of that, Luke Kavanagh also joins the boys on the phone to talk about his summer preparation for the new season and as always, we’re taking your messages on the socials if there’s anything you want us to discuss (Twitter, Facebook).

After the show, we are launching the BRAND NEW self-titled EP from Cheltenham-based band Crying Wolf, as well as speaking to them about their songs, their sound, their name and much more.

Listen LIVE below from 20:00.