“Life always finds a way to get you” – Update from Butler

Today is Thursday 19th November and it is the first time I have logged into the Severn Sport website since last Saturday, which for me is a long long time. I wanted to post today to just give everyone an update to what has been going on here at Severn Sport.

As those who listened to the show last weekend will know that I was struggling. My throat was sore, I had a chesty cough and I felt very fatigued – but we got through the show.

Now I had been back to Reading for my birthday earlier in the week and whilst I was there my dad was ill with a now diagnosed chest infection.

Then, on Monday my dad was given a Covid-19 test as part of his diagnosis, a test which came back positive on Tuesday this week.

By then I had started to feel better and only a mild cough remained. But the positive test means I have subsequently been self isolating this week and have had to order, complete and send back my own Covid-19 test.

I find that the mornings are where I feel my worse at the moment and even though I am still awaiting the results, your mind always jumps to the worst case scenario.

The main feeling I have is that no matter what life always finds a way to get you. After a tough 2020 the first chance I get to go and see my family for the first time in 12 months sees me now self isolating at the mercy of a test result beyond my control.

This coinciding with no non-elite football and it has been a really tough time. I have kept my interactions with everyone quite limited really and I am not overly sure why. The literal self isolation that I haven’t seen anyone bar Kelsey dropping me off some shopping on Tuesday, for the best part of a week now and it is tough.

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My dad seems to be plodding along and really the chest infection is what is causing him the most grief. My brother and my mum have also had to do tests so it’s a time of real unknown and mystery.

What is getting me through this period is the thought of returning to commentary action for Severn Sport, being able to host Buttee’s For Breakfast in the flat with Kelsey and just trying to regain that sense of normality that we all strive for.

I agreed with Kelsey to publish this update to just explain why there has been a bit of a silence from Severn Sport in the last week or so, but the reality is that we have had such a good year on the website and the output that we had already smashed our target for page views in 2020 weeks ago, so we have been able to afford a month where we take it “easy.”

So that’s all from me. My test results are due back in the next 2-3 days so ideally it comes back negative and I can start focusing on getting back to it!

#WestIsBest – always!

The Big Man