JA Sports Management exit trials live on Severn Sport

We are delighted to announce that Severn Sport will be providing live media coverage of the exit trials for released players, hosted by JA Sports Management.

The event on Sunday 13th May 2018 will be held at Glevum Park, the home of Gloucestershire side Tuffley Rovers and we will be there!

JA Sports Management will be hosting the event, that will consist of three games throughout the day along with numerous drills to put the trialists through their paces. On their website JA have released the following statement regarding the event.

“JA Sports Management are providing a platform for players who have been released from their clubs to play in an Exit Trial Event on May 13th 2018. This will consist of Released Youth Team Scholars and Released Professionals who will have the opportunity to discuss career pathways as well as showcase themselves to a number of clubs.

The games will be recorded and the players will be sent copies of the footage to use in their search for a new team.

Additionally, we have career progression partners who will be present to discuss the following:

– USA scholarship routes
– Full time playing and studying in the UK
– Full time placements abroad
– University and Degree Opportunities
– Employment, Training and Education
– Coaching Pathways including FA Courses
– Training Courses and Work Experience

We will be hosting the event at Tuffley Rovers Football Club, 36 Shakespeare Ave, Gloucester GL2 5AL on the 13th May 2018 and welcome you to take a look at some of the players on show.”

Earlier this month we told you how JA Sports Management client Karnell Chambers had joined Chippenham Town and now they are looking to expand their clientele whilst providing a platform for players from all walks of life.

JA Sports Management’s Alex O’Leary spoke to us about the exit trials event. He was quick to point out just how important the event is.

“It’s a big chance for released players to showcase themselves in front of multiple scouts from professional and non league clubs as well as opportunities for higher education and American scholarship programmes. It is a great chance for anyone who is willing to grasp the opportunity.”

O’Leary, who has allowed Severn Sport to provide media coverage of the day (including potential radio commentaries of the games), also pointed out how pleased he was to have us on board.

He said, “I’m absolutely delighted [to have Severn Sport involved], the more interest we can generate in the event the more likely the lads who participating will get a move off the back of it. The boys at Severn Sport have done a great job this year locally and I love the coverage they provide.”

For any players who are looking to attend the JA Sports Management Exit Trials visit their Twitter & Facebook pages for more information.