“I’ve laid the foundations, but now I need to be consistent” – #GetButlerActive Update

Another week has passed in our man Ryan Butler’s quest to become more active ahead of the return to football in the county and here is his latest update.

Once again I am starting the update thanking everyone for their continued support and messages regarding what I am doing. Whilst I’m not doing this for any ego boost or attention, it is nice to know that those within the Gloucestershire Football community and even those outside of it are behind me, literally every step of the way.

I received a number of messages of people sharing their own targets and ambitions to get fitter and perform great physical feats and it makes me proud that so many of us are showing support to each other!

Last week we ended with me carrying out a monster of a walk, 10km and 12200 steps within my own home and whilst watching Toy Story.

Whilst that was never going to be a regular occurrence, it was nice to know just how much I could do and helped me shape up for a week back at work and how I can apply myself.

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As I said in last week’s post, Monday was to be a ‘stock’ day. The intentions were just to naturally go about my day to see how many steps I accumulate throughout a day where I am not deliberately looking to add steps or do anything special. 3959 steps and 3.25km later and I wasn’t too impressed with how little I was covering.

Tuesday I added an initial small walk whilst on my lunch hour at work. Utilising time where I wouldn’t need to be on the phones by actually getting up and just having a wander around the business park. Overall on Tuesday I added 6236 steps and 5.11km to the weekly figures and when its nearly 75% more than Monday’s steps it showed me just how much of a difference the lunchtime walk could make.

Similar figures came in on Wednesday with 6466 steps coming in and another 5.3km added. By then it was very hot so Thursday saw me not incorporate the lunchtime walk but a smaller one after work and before the recording of Saturday’s Severn Sport on Dean Radio.

Thursday still saw me add 5611 steps and 4.61km and suddenly the week was looking great ahead of the trip to Longford Lane on Saturday for Longlevens’ training session.

Being honest by Friday I was feeling very good and very proud of myself for a solid week of building up my activity and being mindful of what I was doing. Being honest at this point I can’t imagine a lunchtime without a walk now, which if you said that to me back in March I would have laughed you out of here!

Friday saw me extend my route for the lunchtime walk…yeah I know, what is happening?!?! Massing together 7079 steps and a whopping 5.79km saw me reach 24km over five days ahead of my “big walk” for the week. It’s not massive numbers but they added up over the week for sure.

Saturday was abysmal weather for the most part but through walking round the pitches at Longford Lane checking for dog poo for Craig Martin and his side ahead of training and then being an expert ball retriever…especially when Ryan Dunn and Ed Smyllie get put on the same team in an attacking drill! Overall 8247 steps were added and another 6.52km to the total!

Sunday was the down day of the week, I didn’t do too much other than go to the shop, but being honest I felt less aching in the legs than after previous longer walks and felt more energetic than usual. Maybe I am starting to feel the difference? Maybe not even physically but mentally?

Either way I could have easily added another 5km, but 1853 steps and 1.7km see me finish the week with 39,451 steps and a total of 32.41km – which is mental considering two weeks ago I was probably doing a quarter of that, if that!

Whilst it isn’t massive numbers in the grand scheme of things, I am proud that I’ve laid the foundations, but now I need to be consistent. That has always been my problem, giving up or just not seeing it through but I am slowly building more confidence in what I am doing and can’t wait to see how much I can achieve here.

Once again my target for this week is to build. A collective weekly figure of 35km would be a minimum target here and is one that is easily reachable.

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