“It could make a complete mockery of the whole competition” – Chalford manager Ben Powell

Chalford manager Ben Powell says that if teams start to bring in players from outside of their normal group for the Reg Davis Cup then the integrity of the competition could be compromised.

Powell was speaking to us on Saturday’s edition of Buttee’s for Breakfast and was asked about the dangers of so-called ‘ringers’ being signed on specifically for the tournament.

“If one team went above and beyond and drafted in whatever they could drag in, it could make a complete mockery of the whole competition” Powell said.

“There’s a fair few holes in it for me and a few other clubs and how X, Y & Z is going to work, we’ll see if the powers that be give us an answer or just say ‘you’re going ahead and that’s it.'”

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Listen to the full interview below, where Powell also discusses the importance of being a close-knit outfit during lockdown.

Ben Powell on Buttee’s for Breakfast – 27/02/2021

Chalford are the current holders of The Reg Davis Cup, after defeating Kings Stanley 3-0 in the final last season.

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