“I’m starting to feel better than I have in months!” – #GetButlerActive Update

This week was week four of Ryan’s quest to become more active ahead of the return to football to Gloucestershire. Here is his latest update.

As always I begin with a massive thank you to everyone who has showed support towards me and have openly shown an interest through asking questions and reading the posts. At this time I will answer three FAQ’s:

  1. I have no idea what weight I was was when I started and don’t really plan on weighing myself just set. Just a personal thing really.
  2. I have no set goal as such, just looking to build week by week and become more consistently active over time. Just like when football is back up and running in Gloucestershire – the goals will come over time.
  3. I am considering joining the gym when they re-open just to help build the strength in my right hip and legs. However, that will take time as I imagine all the gym heads will be flying back into the gyms when they are able to do so.

Last week saw me cover 39,451 steps (32.41km) and the goal off the back of that for this week was 40k steps and over 35km covered – as I felt this was realistic. .

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As always Monday was a stock day. I was once again at work and was looking to build on the 3959 steps (3.25km) from the week before. I have added a lunchtime walk to my schedule on work days now, so I nearly doubled that this week – hitting 6814 steps (5.81km).

Tuesday and Wednesday saw me consciously add to my lunchtime walk and with the weather a bit cooler it was easier to implement. Longer walks saw me increase from 6236 and 6466 steps to 8643 (7.25km) on the Tuesday and 8868 (7.29km) on Wednesday.

Thursday was a day where I kind of took it easy. I was off work but still had to do learning online and by watching videos, so I didn’t leave the house other than a trip to the shop. A measly 3159 steps were taken compared to the 5611 steps I had taken a week prior.

Friday I was off work completely, so it enabled me to get out and have a mooch about. I took the longer way round to Sainsburys and then walked back along the canal, which was quite relaxing to be honest, clocking up 6502 (5.38km). I didn’t want to do another small day like Thursday, whilst not wanting to do anything too strenuous ahead of the “big walk” on Saturday.

I had already decided at the start of the week that I would walk to Longlevens’ training session on Saturday. So off I went to Saw Mills on the Saturday morning. Up London Road from Gloucester City Centre, under the bridge and via the M&S petrol station I reached my destination in about an hour – which I was delighted with as that was the target I had set myself when reviewing the maps on the Friday afternoon.

Another good session at Saw Mills and a chance to catch up with Craig Martin and the guys, as well as a few of the parents who watched from the stand.

Overall for the day I hit 11,142 steps (9.49km) which to me is fantastic. It is the most I have covered outside of the flat and by walking “out in public” it helped me with the confidence factor. I now know that I can do a near 3 mile walk and there is no monkey on my back anymore. It is likely to be my weekly walk as it stands.

Sunday was spent recovering and another trip to the shop saw me meet the 2002 steps mark (1.68km), but with Horse Racing and Premier League football all day it was a day I took very easy.

So how are we looking this week compared to previous weeks? I have made the below graph to see my progress.

One thing I notice straight away is that the Thursday of week four has caused that poor looking dip right in the middle of the week. If I had been at work then it would have been a much healthier incline, but overall I am pleased with how much more consistent weeks 3 and 4 are compared to the drastic up and down nature of weeks 1 and 2.

So, the target was 40k steps and 35km covered. I am delighted to confirm that I beat both targets and clocked in 40,628 steps at 39.62km. I’m very pleased with that and knowing that I am back at work without a day off for the next few weeks, I should be able to match those sort of figures if not beat them.

I am feeling more positive mentally, whilst already feeling physically better. Being honest I’m starting to feel better than I have in months, again both physically and mentally – which at a time like this is equally as important.

A realistic aim to show the progression this week would be over the 40km covered mark and if I can try and get to 42000 steps then I will be over the moon, as suddenly my average steps a day would have nearly doubled from the initial average day I did a couple of weeks ago!

Once again thank you to everyone who continues their support, it means the world to me!

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