“I never thought I’d miss football this much” – Butler’s Blog

With the lack of non-elite football for us to cover for the time being our man Ryan Butler has decided to start a weekly blog into how he is feeling mentally and how he copes without watching our sides in the coming weeks.

I mean where do I start? This last week or so has been one of the hardest stretches to deal with and really I’m not sure why.

I’ve gone through periods of not covering local football, especially in the last 10 months, but there is something different about the latest lockdown and pause in the season that just makes it even harder.

Kelsey and I are both very fortunate to have been able to watch the amount of football we have done this season, but with the prospect of a Gloucester City every fortnight for at least the next six weeks to 2 months, there is that sense that something is missing.

Since 2016/17 season I have been going to games in and around the county about 3 or 4 times a week, whether that has been with Kelsey or on my own and after four seasons of nearly 100 games a season, this campaign has left a void in me that has affected me.

For example this weekend was the first time really where I found myself depressed at not going to a game, or doing a results post or a match report or whatever and I guess with the thought that this is what life is right now it got to me a little.

I never thought I’d miss football this much. And I don’t mean the what feels like watered down Premier League, I mean “proper football” the getting ready to go to a game with Kelsey, the interaction with players, managers, volunteers, supporters and the whole non-league football community.

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What I would have given to have watched Longlevens dominate Virginia Water but somehow be held to a 1-1 draw at Saw Mills, or to have seen Jody Bevan, Lee Randall, Jamie Reid and Shaun Morgan going ballistic at Fairford for giving the ball away despite the fact they were 3-0 up anyway.

It really is the little things I started to miss, things like Colin’s matchday playlist at Slimbridge that has me serenading Kelsey whilst he looks at me like I’m insane….at this point I’m now worried that Kelsey is getting too much airtime in this post!!

The point I’m trying to make is that all day (Monday) I have felt dejected and unmotivated, but even by doing a couple of posts on the website I instantly feel it coming back and here I am, expressing my thoughts in the best way possible…rambling to you all.

We will get through this and we will get back to watching non-league football in Gloucestershire once again and we can we will continue to show that West Is Best!

Stick together and be there for each other.

The Big Man