“I don’t tend to panic like that. But it’s helped me” – #GetButlerActive Update

This week was week four of Ryan’s quest to become more active ahead of the return to football to Gloucestershire. Here is his latest update.

Firstly, as with most weeks, I want to stay by thanking everybody. Last week following the update which confirmed I sustained a minor hamstring strain/sciatica flair up which limited movement for a few days, Kelsey uploaded the video diary I had been recording during the early weeks.

For those who haven’t seen it you can view it here.

And following the release of the video I had a lot of messages. From people within football in both Gloucestershire and Berkshire, friends, family, co-workers and people I haven’t spoken to in years! And the response once again means a lot to me and it spurred me on to try and have a decent week, whilst being mindful of the fact that FOOTBALL WAS COMING HOME!!

That’s right, after 140 long days I was not only going to watch a game of football but I was also going to see Kelsey. You know in the lockdown period it has been difficult. Despite the fact we talk everyday and video chat at least once a week, without physically seeing Matt and Kelsey it has been tough, but it was like it used to be and it was great.

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Right, stats time. This week shows how ridiculous British weather is (and I will explain why). Starting with a wet and miserable Monday.

Due to a massive downpour on Monday lunchtime I didn’t get a lunchtime walk in and my figures showed! Only 5271 steps at 4.51km disappointed me, yet was my worst Monday since week 3 so I knew it was only a one off.

Tuesday saw me get back up to the average really, where I should be in my mind. Reaching 9366 steps at 8.32km was ideal really and after last week where I said I was looking to hit 8000-9000 steps a day as a realistic aim, this was much better.

Wednesday saw me reach 9137 steps at 7.85km before my second highest Thursday ever. After a bad Thursday due to injury last week I was able to reach 8172 steps and add another 7.09km to the weekly total.

Friday saw me suffer from the weather again! But this time it was because it was too hot! The sun was blazing down on Brockworth and peaked at 33, so I made the decision to not have a walk at lunch – mainly as I knew I was going to be doing my weekly Sainsbury’s run in the evening.

Still, a solid 7750 steps at 6.51km capped off a good working week, even if I was hindered by the weather.

Saturday was my first Saturday where I wouldn’t really be able to do anything in the morning, but I knew I would be able to notch up some steps around the stadium, the Corinium Stadium to be precise.

Topping up my figures with 3564 steps (at 3.02km) was never going to be as high as previous Saturday’s, but it gives me a marker to play with when it comes to going out and about to games.

Sunday, as always, was a rest day so the 1574 steps (at 1.35km) saw me move to a total of 38.65km, with just under 45k steps (44834 steps). Not bad in reality.

Upping the total KM’s to just under 40km and as I said just under the 45k steps is just shy of the total I’d like to hit weekly really. I think a realistic aim for 40km and 45k is obtainable and manageable going forward.

But here is the all important graph showing how I have progressed over the last four weeks.

I want to finish this week by just clearing up something. On Saturday during the commentary, as we were about to kick-off I just suddenly felt a wave of nerves and it forced me to leave the stand and head to the toilet.

Now whilst I don’t think anyone needs to know what I did in there, I found myself sat there with a massive sense of worry, for no reason really.

I don’t tend to panic like that. But it helped me. It helped me get everything out my system. I guess I had built up so many nerves and stress during the 48 hours prior that it all came to a head.

We had suffered server issues with the iPad, our website went down for a short period and just the general worry of everything got to me.

In reality I think I suffered a minor panic attack, but I am fine and was fine as soon as I sat back down in the stand.

Already at the time of writing I feel positive and have had a decent Monday, so right now I am looking forward to a trip to Fairford Town on Tuesday night, for football, Lee Randall and chicken nuggets!

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