“I could have easily given up” – #GetButlerActive Update

This week was week four of Ryan’s quest to become more active ahead of the return to football to Gloucestershire. Here is his latest update.

Once again a massive thank you to everyone who has sent a message of support over the last week, the encouragement has been incredible!

Just quickly before we dive in, in last week’s post I included FAQ’s about how much weight I had lost etc and I just wanted to say that it wasn’t me having a dig at anyone, it was just that a few people had asked that was all…but hey, I don’t mind as people having been showing an interest and have been supportive so it is great.

In last week’s post I introduced a neat graph to plot and review my progress so far and reached the cracking amount of 40,628 steps at 39.62km – which I was very pleased with. The goal this week was hitting that 40km mark and moving up to about 42,000 steps if possible.

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Monday was my stock day as always, but this week I was able to stretch the steps even further than usual. In previous weeks I was floating between the 4000-6000 steps mark as an average so to come away with 8006 steps at 6.77km for a Monday was a great start to the week.

Tuesday saw me try to emulate the previous day’s efforts and by doing an extra lap of my route on the Business park was able to reach 8706 steps at 7.77km. I then followed it up with a whopping 10,145 steps at 8.68km on the Wednesday.

I was able to add another 2000 steps or so on that Wednesday as I went back out after getting home from work. It won’t be every week I go and get my haircut but it is an interesting observation and something for me to consider for sure!

Once again though Thursday saw my “downer” day steps wise and it was entirely accidental this time round!

I was only able to hit 5354 steps (4.59km and I know right, I’m now in a position to say that I ONLY hit those steps!) due to the fact I was caught on a call at lunchtime and it sliced my lunch hour in half so I didn’t have time to get out and about really.

If it was any other day of the week I could have made it up in the evening, however Thursday is Dean Radio show recording day and I had a quiz to sort!

Friday saw me determined to extend the walk once again and reach 8000 steps to cap off a consistent week and I was delighted to reach 8316 (6.96km) setting me up nicely for the weekend.

Then disaster struck. Friday night my back felt a bit stiff and I wasn’t really sure why. It lead to me waking up on Saturday morning with a stiff lower back/right hip and my plans were scuppered.

I had planned to walk from mine in town to the Longlevens training session at their club house on Longford Lane, but knowing I didn’t want to over do it I made the conscious decision to walk into town to see how it felt, get the bus from the station and then get off and walk part of the way there.

So I got off in Longford and walked up Longford Lane to the training session and I was very glad I did and quite proud of myself to be honest, even if that sounds a bit silly.

In times gone by I would have just stayed at home and used the hip as an excuse, I could have easily given up and just got the bus all of the way. But in the deceptive Saturday morning heat I got there and had another great Saturday observing the training session and catching up with everyone.

9129 steps (7.97km) and two pints of cider (I only wanted one!) later and Saturday was a good day both physically and mentally as I had been struggling mentally at points this week and I’m not sure why.

An awful night’s sleep followed and it lead me to Sunday. Now as we know I don’t tend to do too much on Sunday, but I was conscious to make sure I would do more than I have done previously.

Yes my legs were aching a bit from the rest of the week, but I got up and decided to try something different!

I had been looking online at different stretches and drills I could do in my own home that would benefit me. So through a mixture of those I chalked up 2701 steps (2.25km) and will now be adding them to my daily routine for the rest of the week and on grander scales, so hopefully the results will be evident.

So how are we looking this week compared to previous weeks? I have made the below graph to see my progress.

The thing that leaps out at me straight away is the diagonal line on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Not only did I add and build by the day but I also clocked up my highest km’s for those individual days so far.

The graph is now starting to look exactly how I want it really. The disappointment of the week is that I didn’t get out on the Thursday whilst at work, otherwise we would have looked at a 6km-8km day instead of the 4.59km!

Again the Friday looks good and except for the massive 10km effort on the second Friday (when I was off work) you can see that again I am at a steady average!

The Saturday figure is between the targets really. I would be looking for 8000-10000 steps minimum for the Saturday at the moment so despite not walking the whole way I still did more than I have done previously!

Sunday is Sunday and is the rest day of the week as such, but for me I would like to get nearer the 5km mark to cap off a good average for the whole week.

As I said above, the target this week was 42000 steps and 40km to be covered.

Incredibly I hit 52,357 steps and clocked up over 45km which is crazy! Over 5km more than last week and an incredible amount of steps.

This week I am looking to try and at least match the figures we saw this week. I am trying to take a few more meaningful steps and will be looking to increase the daily average, in particularly the Thursdays and the Sundays!

Mentality wise it has been a weird few days for me really. Having received a couple of abusive messages for no reason from women on Plenty of Fish, it makes you wonder why people need you to look a certain way to accept you, but if anything it gives me a reason to keep going and prove people wrong.

Once again thank you to everyone who continues their support, it means the world to me!

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