Hardwicke & former Longlevens defender Beaton announces retirement due to knee injury

Craig Beaton has confirmed he will be retiring from football due to a recurrence to a knee injury.

Just over a year ago to this day we interviewed Beaton after he saw his 2019/20 season cut short during pre-season after sustaining a knee injury that required surgery.

Now one year on, the full back has had to make the hard decision to call time on his career.

“Unfortunately almost exactly a year since last speaking to Severn Sport about the knee injury I picked up I’ve had to retire from playing competitive football,” Beaton told Severn Sport’s Ryan Butler.

“After missing nearly all of last season I have tried making a comeback in pre-season but unfortunately the knee just isn’t having it and I’ve made the decision to knock it on the head,” the left back added.

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Beaton, who played for Longlevens for over 7 seasons, had made the move to Hardwicke during the 2017/18 season after playing time was limited at Saw Mills and after taking a break to spend time with family joined the Gloucestershire County League side Hardwicke where he added experienced to their back line.

Following the decision Beaton has revealed that Hardwicke haven’t seen the last of him!

“Going forward I will be staying involved with Hardwicke as an extra pair of hands when needed and eyes in the dugout for the time being…failing that I’ve got a Gloucester City season ticket to fall back on too!” Beaton laughed.

Butler has had this to say regarding the news that Beaton has retired from playing.

When I heard that Craig’s knee had been giving him grief I didn’t expect to receive the news that I did on Monday night!

Obviously whilst I would love to see him keep going he, like every player and person, needs to do what is best for him long term and not just for him but his family.

I want to go on record to give Craig a massive thank you for his support over the years, whether its helping me learn about Longlevens or Hellenic League or even lower league’s within the county, to interacting with the coverage we provide – it honestly means everything to both Kelsey and I.

I’m delighted that he will be looking to stay around local football going forward and wish him the best of luck and health for the future

Hardwicke begin their 2020/21 County League season on Saturday 12th September when they welcome Little Stoke. Check out all of Saturday’s fixtures right here.