Gloucestershire Northern Senior League scrap proposal and intend to start new league season

The Gloucestershire Northern Senior League have confirmed that they are now planning for a 2020/21 league season after talks with the GFA last week.

Last week we revealed the proposal for a revamped Reg Davis Cup to replace the standard league season for 2020/21 after four clubs confirmed their concerns about restarting under current guidelines.

However, the GNSL have now said that following concerns and negative reaction from member clubs to the proposal the Division One club no longer hold any concerns, whilst three Division Two clubs still hold reservations.

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In a communication sent by the league though they confirm that following guidance from the GFA the majority rule will see a league season starting once everything has been put in place by the GNSL.

In the email the league confirm they will be contacting all three of the Division Two clubs individually to ultimately see if a compromised can be reached. If not, then the GFA will help guide the league into how Division Two will be formed for the season.

There is a possibility that the clubs may be able to join the league later than the opening weekend (which is now TBC) depending on the reservations, but they have confirmed that the GNSL league season must finish on Saturday 2nd May 2021.

John Green of the GNSL then signs off the communication confirming that the planned SGM will no longer take place, but the league will be looking to confirm the restart schedule for the league as soon as it is finalised.

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