Fifty Shades Of Sport – TOP 10

So here we are! The top 10 of our Fifty Shades Of Sport Countdown to celebrate the launch of the Fifty Shades Of Grey movies and Valentine’s Day.

We’ve been through 40 of the rudest and funny sounding sports terms and names, here are the top 10…


10 – “He just beats his man to the ball”


9 – Tight End
As a Brit watching NFL every time I hear Tight End I chuckle warmly… It is a position in American Football and is often seen as a hybrid position with the characteristics and roles of both an offensive lineman and a wide receiver. Like offensive linemen, they are usually lined up on the offensive line and are large enough to be effective blockers. On the other hand, they are eligible receivers adept enough to warrant a defense’s attention when running pass patterns.



8 – Anil Koc
A football player for Charlton Athletic, say it fast…


7 – Dick Paradise
Former American ice hockey player who made 144 appearances in the World Hockey Association for the Minnesota Fighting Saints. Also the name of a bar where Joey Essex and Mark Wright hang out. Probably.


6 – Jonny Dickshot
Former Major League Baseball outfielder who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, the New York Giants and the Chicago White Sox.


5 – Gaylord Silly
Long distance runner who represents Seychelles internationally. Also works as a tree surgeon in France (actually true). And we thought they made that name up for Meet the Parents.


4 – Clean And Jerk
A weight lifting term obviously… You jerk.



3 – Sticky Wicket
In cricket, a “sticky wicket” is a wet and soggy playing field. (The field is sometimes called the wicket, even though, technically, the wicket is the set of three wooden poles the bowler is trying to knock over.) Taken out of context it sounds like something else entirely.



2 – Fisted
If you’re a baseball fan, then you’ve probably heard this one. If you’re not a baseball fan (is anyone?), I swear I’m not making this up. When a batter hits a ball not on the fat part of the bat (that right there sounds dirty) but on the skinny part, down by his firsts, old-time announcers (and some newer ones) will sometimes say something like, “he fisted it to the shortstop.”



1 – Muffed Punt
Yep Bloody American Football Again! A muffed punt is defined as “touching of the ball prior to possessing the ball.” That also sounds Dirty.




Thanks for joining us for the countdown, you should now feel educated in dirty sports terms and names… You’re welcome.

Matt Yates