Fifty Shades Of Sport – 40 to 31

This week sees one of the most anticipated films if the year released, Fifty Shades Of Grey. The film is based on the raunchy book series which took the world by storm for its steaminess. Here at Severn Sport we say if you can’t beat them join them, so we are counting down the 50 rudest sounding sports terms and names called “Fifty Shades Of Sport”. Today we bring you numbers 40 to 31.


40 – Backdoor Slider
A backdoor slider is a baseball term where a pitch starts outside the zone and curved back in over the plate for a called strike. Clearly, it’s a term would also come in handy while trying to explain certain sex acts in euphemistic terms.
39 – Stuff It In The Hole
Sometimes you’ll hear a basketball announcer or coach or player talk about “stuffing it in the hole.” Obviously, what they are talking about is stuffing the basketball through the hoop.



38 – “When there’s a pile of 10 or 11 guys sweaty you just don’t want to be on bottom”
Applicable for rugby and American football…
37 – Dean Windass
Retired English striker who enjoyed his most successful spells with Hull City and Bradford City. Was known to cause a stink in the changing room.

36 – Danny Shittu
Nigerian centre-back, currently enjoying his second spell at Championship side Millwall. Better than his name suggests – plus you’d never tell call him that to his face, looking at the size of him
35 – Take It On The Chin
In boxing, it just means getting punched on the chin. As for why it’s dirty…like most of these, if I have to explain it you probably shouldn’t even be reading this.
34 – Bump And Run
In the bedroom, this means pretty much what it says on the tin. In sports, however, it refers to drivers swiping paint out on the NASCAR track.

33 – Irina Slutskaya
Retired Russian figure skater who is two-time world champion and two-time Olympic medalist. She was entered into a fair few tournaments.
32 – Jean Condom
Former French international rugby union player who played as a lock. Always provided protection to his back line.
31 – “Sometimes you just have to pound it in there”
The Tony Pulis way of playing football.



That’s the next 10 on our Fifty Shades Of Sport countdown, join us tomorrow for the next 10 you filthy minded bunch!

Matt Yates