Fifty Shades Of Sport – 30 to 21

This week sees one of the most anticipated films if the year released, Fifty Shades Of Grey. The film is based on the raunchy book series which took the world by storm for its steaminess. Here at Severn Sport we say if you can’t beat them join them, so we are counting down the 50 rudest sounding sports terms and names called “Fifty Shades Of Sport”. Today we bring you numbers 30 to 21.


30 – Andre Muff
Retired Swiss footballer who played as a striker and was capped twice at full international level. Could also play in the hole, we’re told.

29 – Hole Out
In golf, you “hole out” when you get your ball in the hole—so technically, you “hole out” on every hole. However, most often the phrase is used when you get the ball in the hole unexpectedly, either with a tremendous putt or an approach shot. Either way, “hole out” just sounds filthy as hell, as does that entire explanation I just gave.



28 – Yoshi Takeshitta
From a place called Fukuoka (seems to good to be true) and part of the Japanese women’s volleyball side that won bronze at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Fortunately, she has never emptied her bowels while competing, we think.

27 – Split The Uprights
In American football to “split the uprights” is to kick a field goal. You get how that can be dirty, right?

26 – Double Team
This is a common defensive tactic used against particularly good players.



25 – Fanny Chmelar
German alpine skier who competed at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Her name once had Bradley Walsh in hysterics during an episode of the Chase. Now the owner of a discreet women’s hygiene range.

24 – Come Inside

Football usage: “He’s been forced to come inside on his wrong foot.”
baseball usage: “If this guy is going to be successful against these sluggers, he’s going to have to come inside on them all day.”



23 – Eyes On The Ball
Always good in football and in your sex life to avoid painful accidents.

22 – He’s Come From Behind
Usually a foul in football it’s illegal to tackle by coming from behind with out taking the ball…

21 – Stefan Kuntz
Retired German international footballer who played as a striker. Name was famously mocked in Baddiel and Skinner’s video of ’98 Three Lions.



The top 20 begins tomorrow! Check it out here!


Matt Yates