Fifty Shades Of Sport – 20 to 11

This week sees one of the most anticipated films if the year released, Fifty Shades Of Grey. The film is based on the raunchy book series which took the world by storm for its steaminess. Here at Severn Sport we say if you can’t beat them join them, so we are counting down the 50 rudest sounding sports terms and names called “Fifty Shades Of Sport”. Today we enter the top 20.


20 – Uwe Fuchs
Uwe Fuchs is a German football coach and former football player. Included in this countdown as Penno says he’s a Middlesborough legend.


19 – Andreas Wank
German ski jumper who finished in 10th place in the individual event at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Always deals well with the job at hand.



18 – Hooker
A hooker is a position in rugby.


17 – Ball Girls
Attractive women handling fuzzy balls? There are actually too many jokes for me to choose from, here. Let’s just move on to the next one.



16 – Butt Ending
In the NHL, “butt-ending” is when a player uses the butt of his stick to strike another player, and it’s a major penalty that sometimes carry’s with it a game misconduct. I don’t know what “butt-ending” would be in the bedroom, but it doesn’t sound too great.


15 – Argel Fucks
Former Brazilian footballer who played as a centre-back and won one cap at full international level. Now a very expletive manager.


14 – Rim Shot
In basketball, a rim shot is a shot that clanks off the rim.



13 – Give the guy a blow
While this phrase may be slang for giving a player a rest, if players really did get a “blow” when they came out of the game, we’re pretty sure players would be winded more often.


12 – Ralf Minge
Retired German international footballer who played as a striker – spent his entire career at Dynamo Dresden. Considering this, you would expect his name to represent something longer.



11 – Facial
When one basketball player goes right through another and dunks the ball “in his face,” people will sometimes call this getting a “facial”—which is unfortunate.



Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and the top 10 of our 50 shades countdown! Don’t miss!

Matt Yates