Dealing with Social Distancing at Severn Sport: Weeks 9 & 10

Here at Severn Sport we, like many, are still coming to terms with the current state of play for the country and world as the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Now, with social distancing and self isolation everywhere you look, we find ourselves following the guidelines set out by the Government.

Our man Ryan Butler will be looking to diary how he has been impacted by the constant changes to life as we know it.


I’m back after a week hiatus from giving my thoughts on the lockdown and how I am coping with social distancing mainly because I just didn’t get round to doing a post last week – but as the week went on I thought ‘why not just do one at the end of next week looking a the previous fortnight?’ So here I am.

From a personal perspective the last couple of weeks have been like chalk and cheese really. Week 9 saw me cruise along, with a good weekend of doing a few bits on the website and ticking over football wise.

However, this week (week 10) saw it end with a slog of a Bank Holiday weekend at times and to cap it all off – I broke my laptop by knocking it off the table.

Incredibly after being a nuisance and being on its way out software wise for a couple of years, it is almost ironic that the reason it needs replacing after 12 long years is because it landed on the charger port and the little plastic circle has snapped off, meaning that the charger will no longer go into the laptop.

But hey, it allows me to shop around with local company Nailsworth Computers run by Slimbridge Development manager Adam Coyle and his lovely father, Paddy! So I will await their advice on a replacement.

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Football wise there have been major outgoings at Gloucester City, with Joe Hanks, Zack Kotwica and Spencer Hamilton all departing the club and for me it allows for mixed emotions.

On the one hand there is sentimental feelings as these three are local boys who gave their all for City over the years and were part of that great squad back in 2016/17 who took City to their highest ever league finish.

All three are genuinely great guys who have helped and supported Severn Sport over the years and I just hope it isn’t the last time we see them play in the county – despite Hanks signing for Chippenham and Kotwica signing for Swindon Supermarine.

On the other hand it is James Rowe’s team and the Chairman has been vocal in his ground updates that he isn’t looking to jeopardise the club’s future by paying players more money or even bringing any new players in. Football is a ruthless business so unfortunately no one is bigger than the club.

However, what has raised my eyebrows and those within the local game is that it appears that City will be heading into their new stadium without any Gloucester-born players.

Now whilst I fully understand that there is more to football than just one localised area, I believe that having at least some local players who are clearly good enough for National League North level will be what helps the club retain it’s identity and help attract the next level of fan and player alike to Meadow Park.

Whilst I respect what has happened at City in terms of the changes and I admit that I know no more than the update’s being released on the club’s website about how the club is working under lockdown – but when your top goalscorer and 2018/19 player of the season leave within a week, it will leave a bitter taste in the mouth of some supporters.

Anyway, that is enough from me. Check out the latest episodes of In The Spotlight and Severn Sport on Dean Radio right here and join us on Saturday for more fun on Dean Radio.

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