Dealing with Social Distancing at Severn Sport: Week 4

Here at Severn Sport, like many, are still coming to terms with the current state of play for the country and world as the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Now, with social distancing and self isolation everywhere you look, we find ourselves following the guidelines set out by the Government.

Our man Ryan Butler will be looking to diary how he has been impacted by the constant changes to life as we know it.

If you missed last week’s entry read it here:

In last week’s post it was full of frustrations and confusion regarding the current situation we find ourselves in and people’s approaches to self isolation, social distancing and overall management of day-to-day-living.

This week I find myself back at work after 2 weeks annual leave and that has seen me deliberately wait until Wednesday to do this post. I wanted to see how I felt during the morning and early stages back at work and to be honest, I feel good!

And that actually works as the best segue ever as my last week saw me struggle mentally, it must be said. The loneliness and isolation kicked in a little bit towards the end of Wednesday into Thursday and the apprehension came back.

The above segue fits in perfectly as what actually helped me a lot was watching the film ‘Get On Up’ on Netflix – the film depicting the life of the funk singer James Brown.

Being honest before this week I didn’t know too much of the back catalogue of the Godfather of Soul, but after watching the film about his incredible life and attitude towards it, I felt empowered to read up on him a bit more and to also listen to him, his words, his music, his soul!

For those wondering, Cold Sweat, Try Me and It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World (which I had no idea he sang!) are the three songs I have connected with the most in addition to the songs I already knew like I Got You, Get Up and Get Up Offa That Thing. An incredible performer and a film I highly recommend.

This helped me over the weekend to concentrate and focus my mind and know that if you work hard and believe in yourself then you can achieve anything you want.

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Last week I also spoke about staying stimulated during this period and to keep your mind busy as much as possible.

One thing that helped me to do this was by the run of posts over the Easter Bank Holiday announcing the winners in the Severn Sport End of Season Awards.

Obviously I knew that not every winner would be agreed with and debates would open up, as of course football is a sport where one man’s opinion is different to another’s and that is why I think it is so popular.

We all football differently and are all excited by different types of football and really it depends on our upbringing. Someone who doesn’t go to a lot of lower league/non-league games and only watches the Premier League or Champions League will expect to see a high standard of football and will be more likely to be entertained by more “attractive football.”

Personally, I like physicality and I like the style of football that Manchester United and Arsenal produced in the late 90s. Get it wide and get players in the box attacking it!

My Gloucestershire XI of the season shows that, with pace and power throughout. Just imagine this team (below) countering at pace from a set piece, with Wanjau-Smith, Watts and Emmett flying forward and Martin and Bailey making darting runs into the box…frightening!

Overall it’s been a much more positive week for me and I have kept myself busy and active on Severn Sport, to protect my sanity more than anything!

Have a great week everyone and stay safe!

The Big Man