Dealing with Social Distancing at Severn Sport: Week 3

Here at Severn Sport, like many, are still coming to terms with the current state of play for the country and world as the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Now, with social distancing and self isolation everywhere you look, we find ourselves following the guidelines set out by the Government.

Our man Ryan Butler will be looking to diary how he has been impacted by the constant changes to life as we know it.


If you missed last week’s entry read it here:¬†

Last week I spoke about the feelings of apprehension and the anxiety that were starting to creep through amidst the on-going period of lockdown and self isolation. And I’d like to thank the people who have sent me messages of support following the admission of beginning to be more anxious about the current “situation.”

This week the theme consists of managing expectations and having a sense of perspective throughout this period of uncertainty.

As individuals we all have our own thought processes and are all responsible for our own actions, but whether those actions are good or bad or whether we agree or disagree with those actions, it is important to remember that we can manage the actions we make ourselves.

Now whilst it is concerning to see so many reports of people breaking the social distancing guidelines and playing ignorant to the messages we are being given by the Government, we don’t know everyone’s situation or story.

Too many times on social media in the last two weeks or so I have seen comments from people berating people in pictures and videos outside and appearing to not making an essential trip.

The lockdown has got everyone tensed up beyond belief and that is becoming the most frightening thing of all, to see how on edge people are being towards others on social media is scary. It was not too long ago we were promoting the phrase “Be Kind.”

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From a personal perspective I managed to get through my final days at work before 13 days annual leave off work, thus giving me time to sit in the flat away from others and to focus on what is important to me and my mental health.

Again referring back to last week’s post, I talked about finding that one thing to keep you stimulated and to get you through the darkest times.

For me it has been focusing on Severn Sport and on Disney+… yeah I know, a crazy mix. With the Easter weekend ahead of us, both myself and Kelsey are still discussing ways to announce the winners and in the coming days we will finalise everything and hopefully we can keep everyone happy throughout.

Also, I am delighted to say that I have began booking in phone interviews with a number of local people as part of the series of In the Spotlight interviews to be released in the coming weeks, which is a particular focal point of what I will be doing whilst off work this week.

Elsewhere Disney+ wise I have made a conscious effort to catch up on what I have missed out on. I’m not a cinema goer or lover by any stretch of the imagination and will admit haven’t been to the cinema since 2012 (mainly due to not having the time), so I have been watching films I had yet to see and am putting together a Twitter thread which you can follow on my profile (@abaconButtee).

So far my favourite films that I have seen on there are the animated movie, Coco and the Aladdin live action starring Will Smith. Check them out if you haven’t already.

Check back on throughout the week as we reveal the final nominees in the End of Season awards and most importantly, the winners!

Stay safe everyone and make sure conversations don’t fall silent between you and your loved ones, especially ahead of the Easter weekend.

The Big Man