Dealing with Social Distancing at Severn Sport: Week 2

Here at Severn Sport, like many, are still coming to terms with the current state of play for the country and world as the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Now, with social distancing and self isolation everywhere you look, we find ourselves following the guidelines set out by the Government.

Our man Ryan Butler will be looking to diary how he has been impacted by the constant changes to life as we know it.


If you missed last week’s entry read it here:

Apprehension. A word with Latin origins and is defined as “anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen.” It’s a word that if Google is to believed is becoming rarely mentioned in this online and modern world…well, I can tell you that this week, this word has become a focal point of my feelings towards this whole thing.

As mentioned in the opening entry, I am still going to work. Yes, I know it’s mental, right? Well still, even now, I am getting on a bus from Gloucester City Centre up to the Business Park and back again at 5pm everyday and I can tell you that in recent days the thought of making this journey is becoming more and more anxious and to say I’m on edge would be an understatement.

But that’s what happens when you are considered an essential employee in a ‘Key Worker’ business, which car insurance is.

I have been able to deal with the feeling of apprehension pretty well over the last 7 days by making sure I listen to music to and from work, keeping my mind busy during the travelling and most importantly, keeping stress levels down to a bar minimum.

The album I have used to be able to manage my mental wellbeing is the 2010 album ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks’ by Plan B. It is an album that has helped me for the last decade when I have felt my loneliest or trapped.

From when I was at University, to dealing with working 70+ hours a week at BetFred, to now – this album has helped me keep control and to grow as individual.

I don’t want this to be coming across as a review for the album or anything, but honestly, I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who may be struggling with the self isolation and lockdown that we are currently under in the UK.

The premise of the album sees Plan B’s alter ego Strickland Banks, experience the highs of success before swirling round in a downward spiral, both mentally and literally after a run in with the police amidst sexual assault allegations.

A lot of the album focuses on being locked up in prison knowing that he did nothing wrong legally and the album develops into an epiphany for Banks and how he comes to terms with everything mentally, whilst trapped within four walls.

The metaphors I take from the album and can apply to real life are helping me come to terms with everything and more importantly, are helping me understand everything.

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Football wise Thursday 26th March 2020 will be remembered as the day where, for non-league clubs anyway, the 2019/20 season became null and void and basically never existed. All results and records expunged and it will now be the season that never was.

It is an incredibly tough decision that has been made and whilst ultimately I believe it was the correct decision, what surprised me was the timing.

We have only been in lockdown for 4 days at that point, still in March and still 2 weeks away from the Easter Weekend. I can’t help but feel the decision has been made very early. But then again I’m not paid to make those decisions and there are going to be a lot of different factors that have concluded with the decision being made.

I’m happy it has been made though, in the respect that we now have closure. It is a monkey off the back of clubs who now know where they stand – whether they like that is a different question entirely though.

The decision allows us to kick on with reflecting on the season and allows us at Severn Sport to push on with the End of Season Awards 2019/20 to honour those who helped make the season that never was!

Kelsey and I have picked our nominees and will begin to announce who makes the shortlists over the next 10 days or so, before announcing the winners over the Easter weekend.

We are honouring the Gloucestershire Northern Senior League this year with three new categories. You can view all of the categories here.

It gives me something to look forward to and with 2 weeks annual leave coming up, I know that from Friday I don’t have to worry about getting paid for not leaving the house as I will be getting paid for staying at home….delightful!

Stay safe everyone and listen to music, watch Disney+, anything that will keep you mentally active and allows you to make sense of this crazy world we are living in right now!


The Big Man