Dealing with Social Distancing at Severn Sport: Week 1

Here at Severn Sport, like many, are still coming to terms with the current state of play for the country and world as the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Now, with social distancing and self isolation everywhere you look, we find ourselves following the guidelines set out by the Government. 

Our man Ryan Butler will be looking to diary how he has been impacted by the constant changes to life as we know it. 


Today is Sunday 22nd March 2020 and it is seven days since I have posted anything here on the Severn Sport website. Mainly due to having nothing to write about but also being honest, taking time to accept our current situation and come to terms with the sudden loss of sport.

It’s been a tough week and one of the hardest weeks of my life mentally. For the last five years all I have known is work and then covering and thinking about local football every other minute of the day. To have that taken away with Tuesday’s announcement that grassroots football has been suspended left me with an empty feeling and a feeling of “ok, well what next?”

Credit to Kelsey though, he text me straight away and said he would post a statement for us to comment on how we will continue going forward. He caught the mood perfectly of not just us, but of our readers and those who support Severn Sport and it allowed me to take a break and get my head right.

Here I am five days later and I have a rejuvenated outlook on the short term future of not just Severn Sport, but for local football and more importantly myself. I will be first to admit that the first 48 hours saw me close to giving up.

Lack of motivation, mixed with a sense of defeat and hopelessness saw me go into my shell. You knew it was bad when I was getting emails from colleagues at work asking if I was ok as I just turned up, took calls regarding car insurance claims and went home.

But I took a step back to think about what I can do for myself to keep me focussed and make sure that the hard work of the last five years would not go to waste. And I now find myself in a better position mentally.

I am clued up now on the pandemic and the government guidelines and have been continuing my social distancing as advised. Yes I am still going to work, however my “heat map” limits the danger I will be putting myself in and hopefully limits any exposure to the virus.

Plus, I find myself wanting to go to work. It is important that whilst you social distance, you are still socially active through conversation and if I can go to the office and see those who have been there for me over the years then it makes sense to do it in order to keep my mindset clear.

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Over the course of Wednesday night to Thursday night I worked out plans for what I can do and they will all feature on this website over the coming weeks and I can reveal a couple of the plans now.

Firstly, I will be recording a series of ‘In The Spotlight’ interviews with figures of Gloucestershire football. With the guests to be approached and finalised over the coming days, they will be remotely recorded and published accordingly.

Then, we have a new feature coming up on the website discussing pre-match preparation routines with current players, a series that has been in the pipeline for a while and I’m delighted to finally do it.

And I will be looking to record shorts as a mini series with you. That’s right, anyone who is reading this who has a story to tell me involving local football, get in touch and let’s do this!

There will be plenty more to come from Kelsey and I over the coming weeks as we all look to make sure that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and make sure that we all have a future to look forward to, in and out of football.

I am ending this fairly long diary entry this week by simply reminding everyone to take on board the government’s advice and to make sure you implement social distancing correctly and safely. We will get through this together.

Happy Mother’s day!


The Big Man