Cheltenham Festival 2018 – Betting on a budget (Day 4)

The big day is here. The Gold Cup day at Cheltenham. It also sees the conclusion to my betting on a budget diary. After a great day yesterday I was eager to capitalise on a week that has seen me have one bad day out of three. Can I continue my form? Let’s have a look.

After yesterday I was at +£16.40 for the week. And given that my budget has been anywhere from £12-13.50 I was almost guaranteed to finish in the plus for the week. I said yesterday that I would stick with my usual £12.50 budget but after getting to the bookies and after having a look at the races there were a lot of fancies so I was bad and treated myself to an extra quid. So an outlay of £13.50.

If you are new to the betting on a budget diary it is simple. It is to showcase the fun and variety of bets you can have, whilst sticking to a reasonable budget. I like to show that you can enjoy backing the horses without breaking the bank.

For today I decided to copy yesterday’s approach and actually look at the races beforehand. I made a list in each race of horses I liked the look of and took that list to the bookies with me. Can I finish with a flourish?

So, let’s take a look at today’s bets.

1 x 50p line on the placepot

1.30 – Redicean
2.10 – Duca De Thaix
2.50 – Chef des Obeaux
3.30 – Definitely Red
4.10 – Volnay De Thaix
4.50 – Mr Big Shot

What a way to see out the week. Zero out of six on the placepot. Unreal. Let’s move on…quickly!

Paddy Power Special Coupon: £1.00 stake

Apple’s Shakira to win, Santini to finish in the top 2 and Might Bite to finish in the top 3 – 14/1

Apple’s Shakira was one of the most disappointing favourites of the whole meeting for the punters. Santini came third and Might Bite finished second. So only one of the three came in for me. Horrendous.

Lucky 15 1: 10p each way unit stake = £3.00

4.10 Cheltenham – Foxrock 8/1
2.10 Cheltenham – Flying Tiger 9/1
2.50 Cheltenham – Poetic Rhythm 14/1
5.30 Cheltenham – Theinval 16/1 (Placed)

Christ. Three fancies that pulled up, finished nowhere and finished nowhere. At least Theinval placed to see me collect approximately 42p. Not good at all thus far.

Lucky 15 2: 10p each way unit stake = £3.00

5.30 Cheltenham – Sizing Platinum 33/1
4.10 Cheltenham – Sir Jack Yeats 25/1
4.50 Cheltenham – Discorama 40/1 (Placed)
2.50 Cheltenham – Mulcahys Hill 50/1

How frustrating. Another lucky 15 with just one place. This time look at that price! If only I could have got something with it or had Theinval in this bet!! Oh well, another 90p to pick up approximately.

Lucky 15 3: 10p each way unit stake = £3.00

3.30 Cheltenham – Definitely Red 12/1
4.10 Cheltenham – Unioniste 16/1
4.50 Cheltenham – Blow By Blow 12/1 (Winner)
5.30 Cheltenham – Dresden 20/1

I dipped into the Gold Cup race for this one. Definitely Red was one of my antepost tips but he left me bitterly disappointed today. A poor run. Unioniste finished about 6th or 7th in the Foxhunters. Fantastically Blow By Blow won the 4.50 and Dresden came nowhere. Again, its a case of if only I had something with Blow By Blow. However, you can see my 4.50 was vey efficient with a winner and a place. If only it was the tipster league! Approximately £4.04 to pick up for this one.

So at this stage I will be collecting about £5.36 with just one bet left for the meeting. How close can I get to my initial outlay?

Lucky 15 4: 10p each way unit stake = £3.00

1.30 Cheltenham – Mr Adjudicator 15/2 (Placed)
4.10 Cheltenham – Caid du Berlais 12/1
4.50 Cheltenham – Sire du Berlais 8/1 (Placed)
2.10 Cheltenham – Chesterfield 18/1 (Placed)

I mean look at that. The 4.50 was just my race. I scored 1st, 2nd and 4th and that is a great return. What is sick about this bet too is the jockey on Caid du Berlais actually eased up about 20 yards from the line in third place, was overtaken and finished fifth. Naturally, Paddy Power are only paying the four places. Insane. It would have been thirty quid but I am thankful to be collecting about £6.96.

Today’s returns then are 42p, 90p, £4.04 and £6.96 which adds up to a total of £12.32. It was a loss today, but not by much. A loss of £1.18 for the day doesn’t dampen my spirts though as I end the week +£15.22. And if you had offered me that return at the start of the week, I would have bitten your hand off. Had I taken more care with which horses should have gone into which bet and I could have won a bit more.

If I look at my whole week of betting I also won a tenner on the machines in the bookies too from just two quid, so if you were to add that profit to my over the counter profit I have come out a cool +£23.22. And that is how you do it! I have had fun this week with my bets and enjoyed some of the finest horse racing on the planet at the same time whilst coming out in the plus for the week. An near perfect week.

Thank you to everyone who has read our Cheltenham Festival coverage. We put in a lot of hard work and dedication all year round but we have done a lot this week. We gave away two free bets out of our own wallets, hosted another successful Tipster League and I have kept my diary up to. We will pick up our horse racing coverage in three weeks with the Grand National meeting at Aintree.