Chance Is Change agree partnership with Severn Sport for 2020/21 season and beyond

Chance Is Change have agreed to sponsor Severn Sport for the 2020/21 season and the two of us will promote each other beyond the next season.

The company was set up by Shortwood United defender Tom Hoskins and we have been big advocates for the work they do to help children and young people alike, especially in such a period where mental health is a major issue.

Hoskins set up Chance Is Change to help young people within the local community

As part of the partnership Chance Is Change will be the sponsors for our End of Season Awards and End of Year posts where we celebrate the achievements of local players and clubs.

Following the agreement, Hoskins spoke to us about the partnership between the two.

I set Chance Is Change up to help children and young people who are struggling with mental health issues and I wanted to help out the community and Severn Sport also help the local community, in particular in football.

We share similar morals and that is making a difference or making a change, Severn Sport want to promote and change grassroots football and give young people a positive platform to achieve which is why Chance Is Change are delighted to support Severn Sport for this season and for the foreseeable future.

Head of Programming at Severn Sport, Ryan Butler, shares his delight with the deal.

Both myself and Kelsey are admirers of the work that Chance Is Change do for the local community and in particular young people in the area. We both know the struggles that come with growing up and in this day and age it is important that the youth are provided not just as much support, but the correct support, which is something Tom provides.

We have built up a great friendship with Tom over the last couple of years since he was at Slimbridge, so when he expressed an interest we were more than happy to get him and Chance Is Change on board.