Butler joins Severn Sport Show to discuss U18s football in Gloucestershire

This week has seen a lot of coverage on Severn Sport to the U18s football scene in Gloucestershire, culminating with our man Ryan Butler joining Ian Logan-Giles on Dean Radio to discuss the latest news. 

Earlier this week both Stonehouse Town and Dursley Town announced that they would be entering teams into the Cheltenham Youth Floodlit League for the 2020/21 season, with Taverners also confirming they would be entering a team on Friday afternoon.

Ryan took a look at the now thriving U18s football scene in the county yesterday, which you can read here. 

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On Saturday morning Ryan spoke to Logan-Giles about the excitement in and around the U18s football scene in Gloucestershire, including the part players, coaches, fans and parents have to play to benefit the progression of players into men’s football.

Butler also recaps stand-out U18s matches he has covered, players to watch and how club’s are changing their mindset in order to progress the next generation of talent through the club.

Listen to Ryan’s appearance on Dean Radio below:


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