Brockworth Albion, Tredworth Tigers & Tuffley Rovers Ladies among Gloucestershire clubs running for Ramarni

Brockworth Albion, Tredworth Tigers & Tuffley Rovers Ladies are among the clubs who have lined the streets and joined a number of local people running 5k everyday in January in honour of Ramarni Crosby.

Back in December the 16-year-old was killed in Gloucester in a knife attack – the latest in knife based crime within the county.

The news shocked the local community and has brought the best out of people as it always does and his Uncle, Danny Davis, has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help “Increase the peace and knife crime prevention.”

On the GoFundMe page Davis says:

During the last few days I have seen Gloucester come together as a community and share various ideas for how we can work together to prevent further knife attacks and educate our young community.

This is something I now want to be very much apart of so that we can try and provide young kids with community resources- like we had when we were younger. We want to get kids off the streets and into safe places with supervision. The only way we will be able to do this is if we come together as a community and help the likes of Delroy Ellis- Increase the Peace and provide him with the facilities he needs to further mentor these kids.

Tredworth Tigers Co-Manager Lee Smith (front) has been very vocal with his support for the campaign on social media during January.
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The nightly 5k runs have been starting at Butler’s Venue Bar on Eastgate Street, Gloucester and will continue until the end of the month.

Brockworth Albion Chairman Dave Evans spoke to Severn Sport about the club’s involvement this week.

“BAFC [Brockworth Albion] wanted to get involved with the knives down campaign because we strongly believe that the current culture of youths carrying knives around as a statement of strength has got to a point where if something isn’t done soon there will be no turning back.

Many of the senior section members have children who are of an age where very soon they could become mixed up in that world and as parents it petrifies us to think what could happen to them.

Knife crime devastates families and communities and it needs to stop. What Danny and the knives down campaign are doing should be commended and supported fully by everyone,” Evans said.

Members of Brockworth’s senior and youth section gathered to join in the 5k runs this week

Tuffley Rovers Ladies side joined in the run on Wednesday evening and have taken to social media to encourage other clubs within the Gloucestershire County Women’s Football League to join the wonderful cause.

At the time of writing Davis has raised £7380 of the £15k target – with the money going to Youth Outreach in Gloucester.

Tuffley Rovers Ladies joined in on Wednesday night’s 5k run

You can donate to the wonderful cause by following this link – Fundraiser by Danny Fitzpatrick : Increase the peace and knife crime prevention (