Bridge Football Academy looking to bring accessible football facility to Gloucester

Gloucester-based Bridge Football Academy have submitted early applications to the local council to bring an all-weather football facility to the city.

Bridge confirmed on their Facebook page that the ‘pre-app’ had been submitted for an artificial 3g pitch to be installed at Moat Primary School in Matson and will be managed by Bridge outside of school hours.

Following the news, Bridge Football Academy’s Nick Housden spoke to Severn Sport about the project and how the idea came about.

“The idea has been in the pipeline around 6 months,” Housden said.

“For us as a business booking facilities has been difficult since we began, then through conversations with friends of mine across the Football community it was clear there was a real issue with 3g capacity and so we began the search for a suitable venue for our own.

Moat Primary had a building demolished and the site had remained untouched since. We got talking with them and it seemed an ideal location for their pupils and our players,” Housden added.

With a 3g facility looking to be installed, Housden also believes that the impact will be beneficial to the local community by providing local teams and clubs with a local facility in the city.

“This area is in vital need of regeneration and has been for many years. Local clubs are travelling large distances in the winter to Hartpury, Winchcombe, Tewkesbury, Cirencester etc just for a 3g at a reasonable cost and time which is ridiculous, so there is clearly a demand for this.

From the schools perspective to have their own 3g 9v9 for PE, sports clubs and games all day everyday will be fantastic,” said Housden.

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Bridge Football Academy have been operating for just over a year and already offer their services to over 200 young players within the county and Housden believes the benefits to the proposed facility will gain the support of the local community, local clubs and most importantly, the council.

“The school, the local area, local grassroots clubs and our parents within the Bridge Football Academy programme all see the need and huge benefit to this programme. It benefits all ages, will be easily accessible, will be affordable and it will cater for grassroots clubs, school PE and sports club, girls and women’s football and will a hub for sport for this area.

There are very few primary schools with their own 3g in the county, so this really will put Moat on the map as well as the wider Matson area for sport in general.

We are really hopeful the council will look favourably on this. The local community needs it. We are turning a demolition building site into a fantastic sports facilities for the school and its partner schools as well as all the clubs in the local area to use,” Housden said.

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