“At least I’m keeping it interesting” – #GetButlerActive Update

Usually the update comes out on Monday’s and usually they talk about steps accomplished over the week, but this week’s is a different update.

As most of you will know on Saturday Kelsey and I went down to watch Quedgeley Wanderers vs Brimscombe & Thrupp in their pre-season friendly.

Firstly, it was my first time going down to Quedgeley and they really do have a wonderful set up down there and the pitch looked perfect, if not a bit hard due to the heat.

So, we are there and the game kicks off. Ollie Pitt fires Brimscombe ahead before Harlie Price added a second. Quedgeley pulled one back before audaciously chips in a penalty to make it 3-1 at the break.

I am stood there with Kelsey and Scott from Brimscombe and suddenly I felt like I had trapped wind in my diaphragm. After forcing a couple of burps I felt like I was going to be sick.

I took a step back and leaned on the fence, took a couple of deep breaths and being honest the next thing I remember is waking up on the ground with Ally Major the Brimscombe physio knelt in front of me.

In the 20 seconds or so in between the breathing and the waking up I have no idea what happened really. Kelsey and Scott told me that I just went. Thankfully Kelsey had the awareness to put me on my side and he relieved me by saying I didn’t hit my head.

Annoyingly by this point the second half had kicked off so I was missing the game!

For the next 45 minutes I slowly regained my bearings and all I can think is the heavy landing caused my back to just seize, completely seized up.

As you will recall in one of my earlier updates, I struggled to lift off my right leg when I had my fall at Gloucester City’s Meadow Park and this time with the back it just wasn’t possible.

I’m very thankful for Ally and Ed Major and Nigel Morecroft who stayed with me and Kelsey until the paramedics and then back up arrived to help me to my feet.

There I stood, back in bits but I was stable and then suddenly the heat hit me again and I felt dizzy once more. With that the decision was taken out of my hands and I was taken in to Gloucester Royal for tests and potential treatment.

I asked Kelsey to take a couple of photos for this update!

I sat there on a hospital bed in an incredibly busy A&E department and to be honest, just by sitting in a supported position the back began loosening by the minute.

As I said it was insanely busy. There were at least 6-8 people in front of me and being honest I didn’t mind the four hour wait to be seen, as quite frankly there were people coming in who were in more pain, less comfort and in a worse off condition than I was.

I had my phone so I could speak to my family back in Reading, message everyone to let them know that I was ok and more importantly I could plug m headphones in and just chill out whilst watching the highlights of England vs Pakistan.

By the time I was taken into a room and had my blood pressure taken for about the 5th time it was about half 11 and the nurse came in and did the initial tests and simply said because I had passed out I needed to be cleared by a doctor before I could leave, in reality I felt fine and really just wanted to get home.

A cheese sandwich and a bottle of Pepsi Max later (with the bottle delivered to the hospital by Kane Winman or as the nurse described “your very good looking friend”) and I was sat there listening to music and just waiting.

The doctor came in, we had a chat and after having so much time to rest and relive what had happened I was able to explain how I was feeling quite well and even gave an insight into what I think was happening – it is true what they say that no one knows your body like you really.

After having my blood pressure checked again and another chat it was decided I best have a blood test to make sure my kidneys were ok as I had consumed a fair bit of water but hadn’t been to the toilet – for me the adrenaline of being so conscious of the unknown of being in hospital made me not need a wee.

I have a fear of needles. I know. A 6 ft 5 1/2 tall giant scared of a tiny needle, it’s terrible. But I had the test and was relieved to know my kidneys are ok and my blood came back alright.

Just after 2am I was discharged and was so thankful that Kane was awake and able to make sure I got home alright and I am now able to rest and look forward to Slimbridge vs Yate on Tuesday night.

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Overall, it is a learning experience for me. For the first time ever I’ve been told I haven’t eaten enough! People have been saying I look like I’ve lost weight but that’s taking it too far!

But in all seriousness, a bullocking from both my mum and the doctor for not eating anything before going to the game isn’t a good idea and my experience is a good example to everyone to take care in this weather. This had never happened to me before so it can honestly happen to anyone.

When I decided to become more active I knew it was going to have some ups and downs but honestly the drama it has seen over the weeks is insane and you couldn’t have scripted it…but at least I’m keeping it interesting for you all!

As I have said on Twitter, thank you to everyone for their messages of support and their well wishes. I am absolutely fine and will make sure that I take it steady to continue to provide the best coverage of local football as possible.

A massive thank you to Ally, Ed and Nigel for their help at the ground too and of course Kane and Kelsey for being great friends and making sure I got the assistance I needed and then home safely.

A reminder, Kelsey and I will be back on Tuesday night with full radio commentary of Slimbridge vs Yate Town at Thornhill Park. We have sorted out the server issues (touch wood) so there should be no interruptions!

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