All Golds release 2019 kit and sponsors…including Severn Sport!

All Golds Rugby League side have released their new kit for 2019 and have announced their sponsors for the season, including Severn Sport. 

On a statement released on the All Golds website includes the following from Club Director Lionel Hurst regarding the sponsors as well as the decision to release a blue kit:

Cheltenham-based advanced engineering materials company Versarien plc takes pride of place on the front of the new shirt and All Golds’ director Lionel Hurst was keen to recognise the value of sponsorship to the club.

“I’d like to thank, on behalf of the All Golds, each and every sponsor supporting us this year.

“The support from local and national companies is the lifeblood of the club’s success and we’re very much looking forward to another successful season both on and off the field.”

The All Golds are proud of their history, roots and heritage and the cyan blue colour has been selected with that in mind.

According to Hurst there are three key reasons behind the choice of colour: “We are very keen to highlight the significance of the colour blue in the history of both the city of Gloucester where we are based and the sport of rugby league,” he said.

“Blue is the colour of the University of Gloucestershire who formerly owned the All Golds.

“Furthermore it is the colour of the city’s regiment during the English Civil War and very importantly the principal colour worn by England in The Great Match of the Edwardian Period in 1908 in the globally important match against the New Zealand All Golds in Regency Cheltenham.”

Severn Sport join the list of sponsors for the All Golds this year and our logo will sit pride and place above the squad numbers on the back of the shirt.

Following the release, Club Director Joe David has spoken to Severn Sport about the exciting new season for the club.

“We are delighted to be able to welcome such a wide range of sponsors to the club for what is going to be a hugely exciting season for the club. The new Southern Conference League brings in a new era to the sport and we are delighted to be part of this journey along with so many great local businesses.”

Severn Sport joins the list of local sponsors for the 2019 All Golds season

Severn Sport joins a list of local sponsors including KB Coaches, The Property Centre and Versarien amongst others and all sponsors’ logos will appear on all replica shirts that will be released to be purchased on the All Golds Club Shop before their season opener in the Southern Conference League on 4 May.

After the announcement Severn Sport’s Ryan Butler has given his thoughts on the sponsorship.

“Firstly, I would like to thank Lionel, Joe and everyone at the All Golds for giving us the opportunity to join the list of sponsors for their 2019 Southern Conference League season.

As local sports fans, Kelsey and I are always eager to raise the profile of all of the sides and clubs in and around the county, predominantly in football but in sport in general.

One of my first experiences with local sport when I first came to Gloucestershire in 2010 was being the Sports News Journalist on the radio magazine show ‘Around The Campuses’ on the University radio station, Tone Radio. During this time I interviewed members and players of the then University owned Gloucestershire All Golds. So the club has always been known to me.

In the last couple of years we have grown a reputation for being passionate about local sport and by agreeing to be one of the sponsors for the All Golds, is a way in which we can show how important local sport is to us and how proud we are to back and promote a local club in what is a landmark season for them.

We will be following the All Golds all summer and cannot wait for the new season to begin!”


For more information regarding the kit release and more information regarding the All Golds and the new season, please visit the All Golds website