Severn Sport’s Valentines Day XI

Its the 14th of February which means its Valentines Day! The day of love and sharing it with your other half... If you're Arsenal or Leicester fans you are obviously at the Emirates. For those who are bored with their other half already or you lonely singletons who have exhausted their

More NFL For The UK


We are a week on from the third and final NFL International Series game at Wembley Stadium and already there is excitement building ahead of next year. This year saw, arguably, one of the best International Series games we have seen when the Jacksonville Jaguars finally won a game in London

If the NFL was English Football – Part 1

The second greatest sport on the planet starts it's season again on Thursday night/Friday morning... The NFL is back! (football (yeh it's called football not soccer) is the worlds greatest sport obviously) 1:30 Friday morning, The Green Bay Packers  visit the the reigning champions the Seattle Seahawks. Here at Severn Sport we