The Sports Podcast 28 – “Super Deadline Day Bowl”

Its time for another Sport podcast, its episode 28 and we're in that part inbetween transfer deadline day and Superbowl 50! The last fortnight has given us a boring end to a boring January transfer window and one man steeling the headlines. Spurs becoming a good bet for Premier League champions 2015/16

The January Transfer Window: Club by Club

  The January transfer window is usually a slow burner, and this year is no different. Mainly due to the fact a few clubs in the Premier League are at such a loose end they don't know who or what they need to see their way to the end of the

Meadow Park – Keep off the grass

“And the floodgates of the sky were opened. The rain fell upon the earth for forty days and forty nights” (Genesis 7: 11-12). That is how it felt for Gloucester City Football Club when, on the 22nd July 2007, they were flooded out of their Meadow Park stadium by some

Puncast episode 22 – More draws than Ikea

Its episode 22 and its Butlers birthday this week! We have a quiz to celebrate all about his birth year of 1991 and his birthplace Reading, bet you can't guess the result from the podcast title! We talk managerial departures of the week, the leaving early LFC, Klopp debate, Chelsea