Calling all unsigned musicians – Severn Sport need you!

With the new season nearly here and pre-season creeping up on the horizon, here at Severn Sport we are looking to provide opportunities in all areas….in particular music.

For the 2018/19 season we are looking to build up a library of songs by local and national unsigned musicians in a bid to enhance our broadcasts and overall matchday experience.

Now, you are probably sat there thinking “what’s in it for me?” well, whilst we are unable to offer you payment at this stage what we can offer you is real airplay on an online streaming service that has the reach of 50,000+ people throughout the course of the season.

Your music will be used and played before, during and after both commentaries and podcasts as we expand and look to incorporate more original Severn Sport content as the season goes on. Full links and referrals to your website/social media profiles will also be given.

We aren’t looking for any genre of music in particular and are not just limiting this opportunity to those who are Gloucestershire based, as ultimately our listeners are not always solely from Gloucestershire.

The opportunity is also open to artists of different experience and backgrounds as well as any students looking to make a name for themselves.

Interested? Contact Severn Sport directly on our Facebook & Twitter pages, or get in touch on and share your sound!!