Akeem Ennis-Brown feels like “the superhero of Gloucester” after winning the WBC Youth World Title

Severn Sport work experience student Kyle Dimond spoke to Akeem Ennis-Brown after his WBC Youth Super Lightweight title victory.

“I am the superhero of Gloucester here to save the day from the bad guy trying to steal the titles from the city”. This hero goes by the name of “Riiddy Riiddy Riival” and he is the new WBC Youth Super Lightweight Champion.

His secret identity is that of Akeem Ennis-Brown. The bad guy? Chris Jenkins, who was defeated by “Riiddy” when the fight went to a technical decision in the fifth round after a clash of heads. The City Ennis-Brown is defending is his hometown of Gloucester, who came out in numbers to support him on May 12th.

From the moment Ennis-Brown walks out, he looks in his element. The tension and anticipation in the venue is now palpable. For someone so young in his fighting career, at only 22, Akeem Ennis-Brown is no stranger to what is about to happen.

“I’ve always loved boxing since I was a kid”, he says, as he recalls training and sparring with his older brother from the early age of 4. He began training at Fight Factory in Gloucester at 14 and began his amateur career at 16.

“Riiddy” starts the fight well with both fighters trading big punches. “I never felt out of place and always felt in control and I knew I would come on strong in the 2nd and then up my pace again in the 3rd, 4th and 5th, making him crack and want no more” he said.

The game plan worked as this is exactly what happened as the fight seemed to play out how Ennis-Brown and his coaches had planned.

He speaks of the likes of Roy Jones and Floyd Mayweather when talking about his favorite fighters and this is clear to see in the way he fights. He is able to get in and out of exchanges well and uses his footwork to cut angles on Jenkins who seems to be fading. “I like the olden type boxing… the old Floyd Mayweather back in his prime when he first touched”.

The fight is stopped in the fifth round after a clash of heads, Jenkins can hardly see out of his right eye thanks to a big cut being opened up.

“I think the fight went exactly how I thought it would” said Ennis-Brown. “I knew he would come out strong but I knew he wouldn’t be able to maintain the same pace and my style would get to him”. The decision is announced in “Riiddy’s” favour and the crowd in the venue celebrate the biggest win of his career with him.

Akeem Ennis-Brown is now looking to face the Commonwealth Champion, Glenn Foot. A man he has beaten once before but it won’t be easy, “I know he will be coming for revenge” he says.

Similar to a bout itself, there is little time for reflection, instead “Riiddy” and his team will look to get up off of the stool and meet their next challenge face to face, in the centre of the ring.

“It feels good to be a champ. The support and love from the city has been crazy and I can’t wait to show what else I can do. I just want to say a big thank you to all the loyal supporters that follow and support my journey, their love and support means a lot.”