Akeem Ennis-Brown crowned WBC Champion

Gloucester’s own Akeem Ennis-Brown has been crowned WBC Youth Super Lightweight Champion.

Severn Sport sent Kyle Dimond down to yesterday’s event.

Akeem Ennis-Brown, aka Riiddy Riival, defeated Chris Jenkins last night in his hometown of Gloucester to become the new WBC Youth Super Lightweight Champion.

A back and forth fight at GL1 Leisure Centre saw both fighters landing big power punches early as “Riiddy” began to land more consistently as the fight went on.

A big cut above the right eye of Jenkins was opened up by Ennis-Brown in the 3rd round, causing Jenkins some issues throughout the remainder of the fight.

As Jenkins struggled to see, “Riiddy” began to take over and back up Jenkins.

In between the fourth and fifth round, the fight was almost stopped in between due to Jenkins’ cut becoming too prominent.

Ennis-Brown piled on the pressure and both fighters began to exchange blows before a clash of heads forced the fight to be postponed before it was stopped due to the cut on Jenkins’ forehead.

Due to this, the fight went to a technical decision at 1 minute and 29 seconds of the fifth round and Gloucester’s own Riiddy Riiddy Riival was up on all three of the judges’ scorecards.

The points decision was changed after it had been announced but the atmosphere of the crowd inside the Gloucester Leisure Centre meant it was inaudible.

The crowd celebrated as Riiddy was crowned champion and his friends and family joined him in the ring to capture this huge moment in his career as he advances to 11-0.

Here is my round-by-round breakdown of the fight.

Round 1:
Fast and explosive exchanges to start the fight, Riiddy is trying to pop in and out more but most exchanges are happening in close range. Both are landing big punches so far. Jenkins is being the aggressor and pressuring Riiddy who is using his footwork to get out of the way and land his jab from distance. A very close back and forth round with wild exchanges from both fighters, Riiddy seemed to land cleaner and more often.

Round 2:
Jenkins comes out strong and puts pressure on Riiddy. Jenkins lands some good combinations to the body. Make no mistake about it, this is a very physical fight. Both are throwing with a high output and power. Riiddy lands some unanswered shots at the end of the round. Could have gone either way but Jenkins’ game-plan seemed to work better than in the first.

Round 3
The round begins with big exchanges once again with Jenkins landing some good shots on the end. Riiddy has opened up a big cut above the right eye of Jenkins. He seems to be the more relaxed of the two and is therefore picking his shots better. Some more wild exchanges in favour of Riiddy, causing him to beckon to Jenkins and the crowd goes crazy for it. Big round for Riiddy as he opened up a big cut and landed some very big shots. He is staying calm and getting drawn into less exchanges.

Round 4:
Both fighters’ gloves are bloodied up. Jenkins’ cut looks better but it will definitely be a factor in this fight. Jenkins is looking a little reckless in his offence which is allowing Riiddy to use his footwork to circle away and pick his shots. Jenkins continues to pressure as more exchanges take place. Riiddy is hurting him with some big shots and backing him up, that cut is becoming a big problem for Jenkins. The precision and footwork of Riiddy is the difference here so far as he is able to circle away and land shots. He is still exchanging on occasion but when Jenkins gets reckless, Riiddy is staying composed and not getting dragged into a trade.

Round 5:
The doctor took a good look at the cut of Jenkins and almost stopped the fight but has allowed it to continue. Riiddy may capitalize on this and try and stop him this round, if he keeps up the pace the doctor may stop it anyway. Jenkins is protecting his eye with his right glove but the cut seems to be getting worse. Both fighters exchange once more, this is not what Riiddy’s corner want. The fight has been paused as the doctor takes another look at Jenkins’ cut. The fight has been stopped and will therefore go to a decision, the fighters seemed to have clashed heads during the exchange. Riiddy will be up on the scorecards, Jenkins’ game plan seemed to be to pressure him and draw him into exchanges which worked for half the fight. Riiddy seemed to win most of these exchanges and then continue to pick Jenkins apart from the outside which made Jenkins more reckless and predictable in his attack. A great performance from Riiddy and a great fight from the both of them.

A high-pace and high-output main event saw the crowd leave on a high-note. All four of the bouts were won by the fighters who were being supported by the home crowd which only added to the atmosphere and energy of the room. Akeem Ennis-Brown aka Riiddy Riiddy Rival being crowned the new WBC Junior Super Lightweight Champion was the perfect way to end the evening and was a great moment to witness for all involve.