Cheltenham Festival 2018 – Betting on a budget (Day 2)

Sometimes in life you must take a step back and thank god for what you have. Today, is one of the day’s I do so. For the betting has been a whirlwind today.

Firstly, I would like to point you in the direction of the Tipster League. The league is hotting up after day two and you can see how finely it is poised by clicking here.

If you are new to the betting on a budget diary it is simple. It is to showcase the fun and variety of bets you can have, whilst sticking to a reasonable budget. I like to show that you can enjoy backing the horses without breaking the bank.

As mentioned in yesterday’s diary, I had worked out that I had won approximately £12.58. After declaring a budget of 12 quid at the start of the day yesterday I decided to budget £12.50 today (basically, a chance to reinvest what I had won).

To my surprise I actually won £14.08 so when I drew up £13.50 worth of bets I still hadn’t gone over budget, like I initially thought I had. I also received a text message from Coral to say I had won a free £2 on the Coral Cup (2.50pm race).

Let’s take a look at the bets for today then.

Lucky 15 1: 10p each way unit stake = £3.00

4.50 Cheltenham – Mitchouka 9/1
2.10 Cheltenham – Dounikos 15/2
2.50 Cheltenham – Diamond King 25/1
3.30 Cheltenham – Charbel 40/1

Well f*** me. Out of the four runners only Mitchouka finished the race and he choked it, big time. Dounikos pulled up late on in the RSA, Diamond King pulled up after being heavily hampered by the falling Dusky Legend in the Coral Cup and Charbel fell in the Queen Mother Champion Chase…if there is a bet to sum up my day, you are looking at it. Returns £0

Lucky 15 2: 10p each way unit stake = £3.00

1.30 Cheltenham – Brahma Bull 20/1
4.50 Cheltenham – Embole 25/1
2.50 Cheltenham – C’est Jersey 33/1
2.10 Cheltenham – Elegant Escape 10/1 (Placed)

Another awful bet. Thankfully put it in the “to collect” pile. Three big prices that didn’t really get going in their races and a horse who threatened to cause a shock earlier on. Returns 30p. Horrendous.

Lucky 15 3: 10p each way unit stake = £3.00

5.30 Cheltenham – Tornado Flyer 12/1 (Placed)
4.10 Cheltenham – Bless The Wings 9/1
1.30 Cheltenham – Vision des Flos 16/1
2.50 Cheltenham – Mount Mews 11/1

Now this bet looks like I have struggled again (which I have return wise) but at least with this bet I had a run for my money. Tornado Flyer run on for a very good place in the last, Vision des Flos threatened to be in the top 3 throughout his race before being left for dead by the winner Samcro. Mount Mews was hampered in a packed Coral Cup but only faded at the end. Only Bless The Wings let me down, by being number four to fall for me today. Returns 34p. Hideous.

£2 win single – Queen Mother Champion Chase

3.30 Cheltenham – Min

I backed my tip in the tipster league. I double points’d Min because I feel he was going to run Altior close. Min kept him honest and finished 2nd. Returns £0 but again, I got a good run for my money.

Let’s take a look at today’s placepot selections. Due to a hard day I decided to half the outlay on the placepot to just 50p as it was highly unlikely I would get beyond three legs.

1 x 50p line on the placepot

1.30 – Samcro
2.10 – Presenting Percy
2.50 – Barra
3.30 – Douvan
4.10 – Tiger Roll
4.50 – Look My Way

Yesterday I managed to get 5 out of 6 in the placepot which was a great effort. Today I managed to get 4 out of 6, again considering the races on the card I will take that. Samcro, Presenting Percy and Tiger Roll all won as well!! Barra notched a tidy third place in the Coral Cup but Douvan fell and it was game over. Look My Way came nowhere. Oh well, on to tomorrow for my big placepot win.

1 x £1.00 each way double = £2.00

2.10 Cheltenham – Black Corton 7/1
4.10 Cheltenham – Tiger Roll 5/1

Unfortunately I was unable to recreate the heroics of yesterday’s double. Tiger Roll won the Cross Country but Black Corton had already ruined my chances of any returns by fading away in the RSA. Returns £0. Will today end, please?

So after laying out £13.50 I will be collecting just 64p. Yep, I know. But remember, I did have that free bet. Have I salvaged something from this day? The free bet was for the Coral Cup, for which Coral were paying 7 places on each way terms.

1 x £1.00 each way single = Free Bet

2.50 Cheltenham – Barra 16/1 (Placed)

Well just wait there one second, we could be in business here! A cool £3.20 back. With other half the day left I decided to reinvest.

1 x £2.20 win single = £2.20 of winnings

4.10 Cheltenham – Cause of Causes 11/4

What a disaster that was. Oh well. I have a quid left to reinvest before this day is over.

1 x 50p each way single = £1 of winnings

4.50 Cheltenham – Veneer Of Charm 33/1 (Winner)

Ummmm you what?! Jack Kennedy you beautiful 18 year old jockey!! I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t see or follow the race. I was too busy typing up the tipster league results but wow! Returns of £21.63. All off an initial free bet.

I tried to keep up the momentum by placing the odd £1.63 on Acey Milan in the last. He came nowhere. However, I was able to withdraw £20 from my Coral account. Somehow, I do not know how I have ended the day £6.50 up.

Adding this to the 58p I ended up being from my first day of bets as well as the 64p I will be picking up tomorrow morning, for the week I am now +£7.72 up for the week. I will thank my lucky stars tonight and hope that tomorrow will be another profitable day.

Tomorrow is day three and it is Paddy’s day. There are a lot of superstars running tomorrow, hopefully my eye will be firmly on the winners when I look at the cards.

You can win a free £20 bet on Friday’s Gold Cup race courtesy of Severn Sport. All you need to do is click here and fill in the entry form. Competition closes at 23:59 on Thursday night.