EXCLUSIVE: When Butler Met Brad

Saturday’s 3-0 win over Windsor was celebrated for many reasons; 3 points, a clean sheet and a clinical away performance by Longlevens. But it was also celebrated by their top scorer as Bradley Martin notched up goals 14 and 15 in what has been a very prolific return for the big man. So we got our big man, Ryan Butler to ask him all about the goals, the player scoring them and the team benefitting from them.

R: So Brad, you’ve scored 15 goals in 17 games this term. That sees you in the top three goalscorers in the Hellenic Premier. Given the quality of the top sides how proud does that make you?

B: I am reasonably proud. As you said the quality of the opposition is very high this year so I won’t be getting too excited until I hit my pre-season target of 25 goals for the season. To be in this position at this stage of the season is great for me as I am in a great position so hopefully we and I can kick on and surpass my target.

R: As I said you are now in the top three goalscorers but you are also the top Gloucestershire based scorer in the league, just ahead of Ollie Pitt at Brimscombe who has 12 goals. How does that make you feel?

B: It makes me very happy to be honest. There are a lot of good players at this level and especially locally with Ollie scoring as much as he has and Lee Smith nearing double figures as well, so hopefully I can stay at the top of the tree…but that all comes down to working hard which is something I won’t ease up on.

R: You said your target was 25, being in the position you are in on 15 have you revised that at all?

B: Not yet as the target is still 25 and I haven’t hit that yet. Anything more than 25 is a bonus and with the quality of delivery that I have been the recipient of from my teammates I am hopeful that I can and will continue to get on the scoresheet in the coming months. There is still a lot of football to be played!

R: You mention your teammates there and your goals have coincided with a great start to the season by Longlevens. At the start of the season could you have imagined you guys would have achieved so much so early into the season?

B: Not really but I am not surprised we have achieved so much. We have never doubted our quality and believe that we are more than good enough to play at this level. We are where we are due to hard work and playing together as a team. If we continue to do what we have done so far then we are putting ourselves in with a great chance of finishing in the top half, which would be an exceptional achievement for the boys.

R: So in terms of a target you say a top half finish. Where exactly can this Longlevens side go? And are there any further goals personally?

B: Hopefully a top 8 finish. I think that would be very achievable with the high quality squad we possess. Yeah, that’s what we are targeting, there is a definitive top 6 in the league who are the big money boys like Highworth Town. But we will aim to be the best of the rest. In terms of a personal goal it would mainly to contribute as much as possible to the team, ideally by contributing as many goals as possible but by providing for others as well. As long as we win the games it doesn’t matter who is scoring.

R: I want to get to the know the man sat here today. When you were a younger man and growing up who was or were your footballing idols?

B: My hero growing up would have to be….Ronaldinho. Yeah, definitely. I used to love watching him play and he would always have a smile on his face no matter what. And that is the way in which I think the game should be played whether its in the Champions League or the Hellenic League. If you don’t have fun with what you do then what is the point?

R: Did you model yourself on Ronaldinho as a player or was there a player who you tried to replicate throughout the years?

B: Not really. I mean there is no one in particular that I try to model my game on to be fair. I just try to do all that I can for the good of the team. As I said, if I score then it is great and I am getting nearer my target but if I don’t as long as someone is there to score them and it sees Longlevens winning games then that is all that matters to me.  Who do you model yourself on?

R: I am versatile. Defensively I try to be like Rio Ferdinand and up front….oh, you were being sarcastic…….So. You’ve scored 15 goals this season. Do you have any favourites or any that stand out for you?

B: Probably my free kick on Saturday to be honest. I didn’t fancy it initially but Shaun O’Connor gave me the confidence to take it. And fortunately I got it right on this occasion. So I will definitely owe him one for sure.

R: I liked your first against Fairford in the cup at Saw Mills. You turned the defender on the corner of the box and bent it in with your right peg….I was right behind it and it was clearly in but I was more amazed you actually had a right foot!…..Anyway thanks for your time Brad hopefully we will see more Brad Martin goals right here, on Severn Sport!

We will be covering a number of Longlevens games throughout October, including an away game against Tuffley Rovers, a home cup tie with Shirehampton and the FA Vase 1st Round game away at Sevenoaks. All live on Severn Sport with the latter confirmed as a full match commentary on Severn Sport Radio.

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