20 Games: Ryan Butler’s Season So Far

This past Saturday saw Severn Sport present at Glevum Park for Tuffley Rovers vs Swindon Supermarine in the FA Cup. The game also marked my 20th game for Severn Sport this season since day one of the Pre-Season Tour, way back on Friday 7th July 2017. To celebrate the fact I have chalked up 20 games in two months I decided to take a look at the games I’ve covered and bring you some statistics…..everyone loves a good stat!

The pre-season tour was productive for me, I witnessed 9 games in 24 days (I would go on to see the next 11 in just 32 days) and saw some fast paced and exciting attacking football. The results were as follows:

7/7 – Fairford Town 1-1 Shortwood United
8/7 – Evesham United 1-1 Gloucester City
11/7 – Cinderford Town 5-1 Cheltenham Town U23s
15/7 – Gloucester City 1-1 Bristol Rovers
18/7 – Tuffley Rovers 3-3 Cirencester Town
22/7 – Longlevens 1-5 North Leigh
25/7 – Slimbridge 2-4 Gloucester City
29/7 – Gloucester City 1-3 Derby County U23s
31/7 – Gloucester City 2-2 Hereford

As you can see if there was one thing I saw during the pre-season tour it was goals! A few draws but that is to be expected. The main thing was I saw some good football along the way. And with that the season was upon us. So far for Severn Sport during the full season I have again seen some very entertaining games. The games in the past month were as follows:

1/8 – Tuffley Rovers 1-1 Fairford Town
2/8 – Longlevens 1-1 Brimscombe & Thrupp
5/8 – Fairford Town 1-1 Longlevens – FA Cup
8/8 – Longlevens 5-1 Fairford Town – FA Cup Replay
12/8 – Longlevens 4-3 Brackley Town Saints
15/8 – Weston Super Mare 2-1 Gloucester City
16/8 – Slimbridge 1-3 Cirencester Town
19/8 – Hanwell Town 1-0 Longlevens – FA Cup
26/8 –  Longlevens 1-1 Tuffley Rovers
28/8 – Tuffley Rovers 3-1 Brimscombe & Thrupp
2/9 – Tuffley Rovers 0-5 Swindon Supermarine – FA Cup

More games meaning more goals and more clean sheets! The away trip to Hanwell Town saw our run of 23 live games without a clean sheet come to an end and our subsequent run of two games without a clean sheet was torn apart on Saturday. But look at those scores, 5-1, 4-3, 1-3, 3-1 and 0-5. Goals! What entertainment value Severn Sport had for August! Anyway, now for the best bit. The bit we were all waiting for. The statistics bit!!!

Here is the statistics of the 20 games I have witnessed for Severn Sport this season so far.

Games Watched: 20
Goals: 76
Goals Per Game: 3.8
Teams Watched: 19 teams

Home Wins: 6
Away Wins: 5
Draws: 9
Clean Sheets: 2

Most Frequent scoreline: 1-1
Biggest winning margin: Swindon Supermarine 5 goals (5-0 win vs Tuffley Rovers)
Highest Scoring Game: Longlevens 4-3 Brackley Town Saints
Lowest Scoring Game: Hanwell Town 1-0 Longlevens

Most Watched Teams (Top 5):
1) Longlevens (7)
2) Gloucester City (6)
3) Tuffley Rovers (5)
4) Fairford Town (4)
5) Brimscombe & Thrupp (2)
5) Cirencester Town (2)
5) Slimbridge (2)

Most Goals Teams (Top 5):
1) Longlevens (13 goals)
2) Gloucester City (10 goals)
3) Tuffley Rovers (8 goals)
4) Cirencester Town (6 goals)
5) Cinderford Town (5 goals)
5) North Leigh (5 goals)
5) Swindon Supermarine (5 goals)

And there we go. The first two months of the season analysed and displayed in statistics. I worked out without any stoppage time I have seen a whopping 1800 minutes of football since the 7th July and it has been amazing to take it all in. Back in Reading non-league football isn’t the most popular thing. It isn’t something that is given a lot of thought by most people due to the successes that Reading FC have experienced in maintaining at least a Championship level of football. This makes it extremely hard for the non-league sides to thrive (although Maidenhead United are changing that as we speak!). In Gloucestershire though there is a special kind of affection to your non-league and local sides and I am flourishing in being apart of it!!

I will end by reminding everyone of what is to come for the rest of September, starting with Longlevens vs Wantage Town on Wednesday 6th September, a game which you can follow the live updates on Severn Sport’s social media via the Goalshouter app.